Operator gets first major nerf with Valorant Patch 1.09

Published: Sep 30, 2020 - Last Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Valorant Patch 1.09 released this Tuesday with major changes coming to both the game’s agents and weapons. Among the biggest changes are nerfs to Jett and Reyna, buffs to Viper and Brimstone, and a small adjustment to Omen. In addition, the Operator received its first major nerf, along with the jumping accuracy of all in-game weapons.

Agent updates


Of all the agents, Jett got the short end of the stick with nerfs to her ultimate Blade Storm. Daggers thrown in Burst now have a damage falloff that begins at 12 meters and drops steadily (to 35 damage) at max falloff. Another agent with a nerf to her ultimate was Reyna, who had her rate of fire reduced when in Empress mode, with a decrease from 25 percent to 15 percent. Riot says the change comes from a desire to balance the rates of fire between different agents.

Jett  Jett  

Reyna Reyna


On the other hand, Brimstone’s Stimulating Beacon received a buff with his fire rate bonus increased to 15%, now equaling Reyna’s ultimate. In an effort to increase Viper’s viability, the agent received buffs to two abilities and her acid, starting the round with a full charge of it. Snake Bite applies the debuff for two seconds after the enemy leaves the area of effect, while her ultimate Viper’s Pit is cast more quickly. Omen also received a tweak to his Paranoia, which may lead to players seeing its hitbox better. This could make it easier for players to dodge the projectile.

Omen Omen

Brimstone Brimstone

Viper Viper

Competitive updates

Weapon updates

Changes were made to the aim inaccuracy of all weapons after jumping, which means players who try to shoot right after landing will now have a flat rate inaccuracy state instead of gradually gaining back their first shot accuracy. The Operator was the only weapon with direct changes. Its price has risen from 4500 to 5000, while the crosshairs movement speed and firing rate have been reduced. Leg damage has also been reduced from 127 to 120. All of these changes increase the risk of using this weapon, which has so far dominated the game since release.

Social updates

Bug fixes

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