OpTic Chicago Desperate for Wins in Final CDL Stage

Published: Jul 6, 2021

As the final regular stage of the Call of Duty League 2021 season opens up, OpTic Chicago’s players have voiced concerns. They’re well aware (as are the fans) that their performance this season has been somewhat lacking. While the OpTic brand represents one of the most dynamic dynasties in the history of CoD esports, the Chicago label hasn’t lived up to it.

There have been far too many situations this season that has left the OpTic squad literally begging for forgiveness. As we now enter the final stage of the CDL 2021 season, it’ll be interesting to see if OpTic can pull a few victories out of the hat. In a statement released by Scump, arguably the greatest OpTic player on the field right now, it was revealed:

All the time we put in every day, scrimming, playing off-stream, then we go to a tournament and we fall short. It feels like every loss we’ve had at a Major this year has been the exact same. That is what is mentally draining.

At present, OpTic Chicago is fifth in the overall standings, sitting some way behind the likes of the Subliners, Ultra, Empire, and FaZe. If this is to be another losing stage for OpTic, they could become a mid-table team ahead of Champs.

In the first week of the final stage, OpTic will need to take down Paris Legion and the New York Subliners to earn those much-needed CDL points.

FaZe Will Not Be Fazed

Image Credit: Atlanta FaZe (Twitter)

At this point, it’s almost a certainty that Atlanta FaZe will be crowned the 2021 CDL Champions. They’ll be stealing the crown from Dallas Empire, who they came a close second to in the inaugural season of the competition. Right now, FaZe is the most dominant team in Call of Duty, claiming a 30 – 4 win/loss record and three Major tournament victories.

They’re more than 140 points ahead of second place, but there’s still the all-important Championship stage to play through. However, given their performance so far, it’s unlikely that the solid squad of Arcitys, Simp, AbeZy, and Cellium will lose out. They’re one of the only sides in the CDL to have made no changes throughout the season, and their dynamic performances have been legendary.

In the first stage of the final week, they’ll be taking on the London Royal Ravens and Paris Legion. That’s almost no challenge, as both of those teams are bottom-table sides. It should honestly be a walk in the park for the #EZAF crew.

Dallas Must Put In Work

If there’s one requirement coming out of the Dallas Empire this stage, it’s one word: victory. The first Call of Duty League champions have a lot to prove at this stage, and they need to close the gap between themselves at Atlanta FaZe ahead of Champs.

Throughout this final stage, the Empire will clash with the likes of LAG, Florida, Rokkr, Seattle, and finally, Ultra. On paper, Empire should beat every team on that list, with the exception of Toronto Ultra, maybe.

Some late-season changes left fans in disarray, but Empire appears to be clinging on with a tenacious grip. We’d hope that the Dallas team can bring home the big wins this stage, but only time will tell.

The action will kick-off this Thursday, July 8th at 15:00 EST, with Atlanta FaZe taking on the London Royal Ravens.

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