CDL 2022: First Stage Completed; OpTic Major Approaches

Posted on February 21, 2022

It was a less than desirable opening stage for some, and a dominating period for others. As per expectations, Atlanta FaZe came out of the first stage of the CDL 2022 season without dropping a single match. Elsewhere, the veteran-driven side of the New York Subliners dropped down the table with a paltry record of 1 – 4. Now, we enter the OpTic Major, the first of five Major Tournaments for the 2022 season, boasting a huge cash prize and a stack of CDL points for the winner.

Will anyone but Atlanta FaZe even have a chance this season?

OpTic Major, OpTic Minor

OpTic Texas suffered slightly at the start of the season but has come out on a positive note at the end of the first stage. With an overall record of 3 – 2, OpTic Texas looks bold going into the Major Tournament. There are high expectations for the team, with some predicting an Atlanta FaZe vs. OpTic Texas final. Although, the best Call of Duty League predictions are leaning towards a red finish rather than a green one.

At present, the schedule looks a little something like this:

Image Credit: COD League.

There are some interesting fixtures to open up the first Major Tournament of 2022. If you’re a Call of Duty League betting fan, it’s best to put your money on Atlanta FaZe, OpTic Texas, London Royal Ravens, and the LA Thieves. However, let’s not forget that as this is a double-bracket event, there’s every chance that a team in the ‘loser’s bracket’ can come up and win the entire Major. For instance, the New York Subliners could find their feet and bounce back, securing a huge upset against the likes of Atlanta FaZe.

It’s a big ask, as it means NYSL would need to win 6 matches without dropping a single one, but it’s not impossible.

Into The Season

There are still mixed reviews regarding the Call of Duty League and the state of Vanguard in general. Recently, professional players have been taking to the airwaves to air their grievances regarding the game, the platform, and their own individual performances.

With millions of dollars on the line, it seems obvious that teams will be rueing losses, with some veterans taking it harder than others. Although we’re only a few months beyond the CDL 2021 season, there’s a completely different landscape laid out before us this year. While Atlanta FaZe is the only team (once again) to pull through a state with zero losses, nobody predicted such a dominating performance to come out of the London Royal Ravens.

As we push onwards towards the OpTic Major, all eyes are on the top of the table, with three teams being separated by just ten points. When we emerge from this Major Tournament, we could see a new team at the top of the board, and it may just be the London Royal Ravens occupying the number one spot.

Watch this space – and keep your eyes on the game when the Major kicks off on the 3rd of March.


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