OpTic Texas Secures FIRST EVER Call of Duty League Major Win

Published: Mar 7, 2022

In our last article covering the predictions for the OpTic Major, we had high hopes for the home team. While the favourite going into the Major was Atlanta FaZe, there was a sense of opportunity present for every team in the competition – even the underdog sides. If you weren’t backing FaZe, we suggested betting on the London Royal Ravens, a team that ultimately wound up coming in third place this weekend. But, for the first time in Call of Duty League history, OpTic Texas stepped up to secure the first Major victory of the 2022 season.

In the three years that the Call of Duty League has taken place, OpTic (in its many forms) has never won a Major Tournament. This weekend, the all-new team defied that fact, knocking down the Ravens, FaZe, and Seattle Surge to secure a grand victory and a $200,000 prize. Not only that, but Dashy, OpTic Texas’ main AR, landed the MVP award for the Major.

How does the road ahead now look for the Call of Duty League and OpTic Texas?

OpTic Texas Takes the Top Spot

For years, despite a massive and loyal following, OpTic has failed to secure any huge prizes in the Call of Duty vertical. In fact, the organisation, which is one of the recognisable brands in competitive gaming, hasn’t won a world championship title since 2017. There has been something of a rocky performance present in recent years that has led to some huge changes being made in both the organisation itself and the roster that represents the company.

This weekend, at the OpTic Major, faith was restored somewhat in the team, and currently, OpTic Texas sits in second place in the Call of Duty League standings. There are just five points between OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe, and that could change in an instant as soon as the next stage of the tournament commences. Since day one of the Call of Duty League, Atlanta FaZe has been the most dominant team in the competition, but this year, OpTic Texas looks poised to take over.

Although, there are still several months left in the League, and the likes of the London Royal Ravens and the LA Thieves are also playing a good game this year. It’s already proving to be a closer contest than last year’s Cold War season, and there are still four Major Tournaments left on the schedule.

Major Upsets

Following the huge OpTic Texas win at the Major, some teams were left disappointed with their individual performances. When the dust had settled, professional players took to social media to voice their concerns and let off steam. For instance, Crimsix, one of the greatest Call of Duty players of all time, rued his skills on the field, with his team being knocked out of the Major without landing a single point:

It wasn’t the only 0 – 3 loss to be handed out, however, as the Los Angeles Guerrillas were also ejected without winning a single map. For the most part, it was a hard-fought tournament, with many matches going into a five-map series. Ultimately, this Major set the tone for the competition ahead, and for some squads, the next stage will be a make-or-break round.

If you’re excited about the Call of Duty betting opportunities that lay ahead, tune in to the second stage of the CDL 2022 season, which starts on the 11th of March.

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