OTK Sharp To Announce Partnership With Razer

Published: Jun 23, 2022

Esports team and content creators One True King (OTK) have published a Twitter post linked to a video announcing their partnership with gaming hardware and peripherals giant Razer.

The news comes after the first successful OTK Games Expo, a new event which allows indie game developers to showcase their products and talents that was designed to replace the space in the market left by the demise of E3.

Razer were one of the main sponsors of that event and they must have been impressed by what OTK had to offer as just a short time later, the company had come on board as an official partner of the new streaming and gaming organisation.

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Clever Way To Announce Partnership

OTK was founded by Asmongold, Rich Campbell, Tips Out, Miskif and Esfand. The latter of whom features on our list of best WoW streamers through his EsfandTV account.

The members of OTK played a key role in the announcement, which was delivered in an innovative way on the video.

In the video, members of OTK including Cyr, Jaschlatt, Nmplol and Asmongold are seen trying to break out of Alcatraz, the famous former maximum-security prison, now a museum and popular tourist attraction, which is located in the middle of San Francisco bay.

Cyr is seen initially, trying to break out of the prison and in his search he finds Asmongold, who is happily streaming from a laptop in his cell and he refuses to leave.

He then meets up with Nmplol, and together the pair manage to break out of the prison.

Eventually the video reveals that it is to announce the new deal between OTK and Razer and this clever way to announce the partnership between the two has been praised by fans of the organisations on Twitter.

A secondary video was then released once again on Twitter which promotes the Best Buy Gamer Days that Razer host from time to time which offers a number of products at reduced price deals.

Razer is the second company to team up with OTK in recent times, following WePlay Esports, who became a partner and investor earlier this year.

They follow from similar deals signed earlier with energy drinks companies Gatorade and Mountain Dew.

New Members

Alongside the five original members of OTK, the company has now swelled its ranks by adding new gamers and streamers to their ranks in recent times.

NmpLol, Bruce, Cyr and JSchlatt and Tectone have all come on board too and they have also signed their first female streamer and gamer in the shape of Emiru.

It’s also been a busy year for Razer too with a number of new products released since the start of January 2022.

Amongst them has been a series of gaming laptops, Razer Blade, Razer Blade Stealth V1, Razer Raptor 27 165hz.

Perhaps most intriguing is their Razer Kishi V2 handheld device which Razer have labelled “Mobile Gaming Reimagined” offering what it claims is “console-class gameplay experience to your smartphone”.

Essentially, it is a device which you can slot your smartphone into in landscape mode and which has controllers either side of the phone, similar to how an older mobile game system, such as the Sega Game Gear or newer consoles like the Nintendo Switch operate.

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