Will Overwatch 2’s Flawed Update Threaten the EWC Tournament?

Published: Jul 11, 2024

The Overwatch 2 community is up in arms over the latest patch, which has been affectionately named ‘the worst update of all time‘. With the Esports World Cup hosting Overwatch 2 in a matter of days, fans are concerned that the latest patch threatens the stability of the tournament. This news comes mere days after ENCE’s Masaa confirmed he won’t be appearing in Riyadh at the EWC because of the nation’s treatment of the LGBT community.

It has been a tough year or two for Overwatch. Following the shutdown of the Overwatch League, the Overwatch Champions Series surfaced, but the game’s esports ecosystem has been forever marred by constant issues ranging from the game’s core operating model to problems with cheaters. Last year, Blizzard revealed that it had banned a whopping 100,000 cheaters in just six months – and it seems the situation hasn’t improved too much by today.

What’s Wrong With Overwatch 2?

overwatch 2 patch
Did Blizzard ruin the fun with OP Tanks? (Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

The latest flawed update to hit the Overwatch 2 platform has skewed the heck out of the Tank class. Players have been reporting widespread issues brought about by senseless buffs that have propelled the Tank class far beyond the realms of being overpowered. Following concerns that Tanks weren’t powerful enough, Blizzard decided to take things in the opposite direction, which has slashed up the meta so badly that there are now serious concerns for the game ahead of the Esports World Cup tournament.

From July 24 – 28, Overwatch 2 will enjoy a prestigious performance in Riyadh, with a $1.05 million prize pool sitting on the line. With the title being in its current state, it makes Overwatch betting much tougher as it’s increasing the unpredictability of the game.

Speaking candidly on the topic, Jacob ‘Spilo’ Clifton, who has been coaching professional Overwatch teams for more than five years, wrote:

‘This patch shows a concerning lack of understanding about what tank needs. It doesn’t need buffs. It needs to not be the center of attention of every person for every single fight. If you’re going to make solo tank work, it’s not with changes like these. You address pain points, not necessarily flat buffs, and you continue to shift tanks visual/psychological presence to represent something closer to the other roles. Pretty frustrating patch that seems to be relatively aimless in its goals.

Clips surfacing on social media have showcased how impossibly overpowering some Tank characters are following the patch. It’s almost impossible to find a single positive comment about the latest update, which is going to wreak havoc for the Overwatch odds when the Esports World Cup event rolls around. There’s still time for Blizzard to patch the patch, but will the team manage to meet the community with an update that works for everyone?

Probably not.

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