Overwatch 2 Removes Loot Boxes, Adds Battle Passes

Published: Jun 19, 2022

It seems like Blizzard is slowly entering their redemption arc, and they are starting by removing one of the most hated things in the gaming community, the loot boxes. Considering that the loot boxes are one of the best ways to make money, as the loot is not guaranteed, it is quite surprising that Blizzard is removing them from Overwatch 2. We would ask if you are wondering what is replacing the system, but the title of the article kind of spoils that.

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Seasons and Battle Passes

Honestly, we are pretty surprised that Blizzard is picking up one of the best ways to give out cosmetics to the players, which is the Battle Pass system that comes in seasons. This will most certainly have a great positive impact on the state of Overwatch in the future, and while the system is not perfect, as it certainly creates some FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) moments, it will make the game more alive, as players will want to grind out levels on their battle pass in order to pick up all the cosmetics.

The Battle Pass system is going to swap out for new content every nine weeks, which is probably more than enough time for anyone to finish the pass without investing any additional money for purchasing the missing levels (unless that is the part they turn into the Gacha mechanic).

Another reminder of why Battle Passes are a good thing is due to the fact that Overwatch goes free-to-play on October 4th when Overwatch 2 is set to release, along with the first season and, with that, the first Battle Pass. At the moment, it is also unknown how much the Battle Pass will cost and if it will have free progression for free-to-play players.

In-game shop

The Battle Pass is not the only way that players will be able to acquire cosmetics. Instead, there is also going to be an in-game shop where players will be able to purchase content with real-life money. We do not know if the in-game shop will have exclusive items or the items from previous events, but whatever the case is, it is better than loot boxes with random loot.

Mythic tier skins

Customization is something that everyone appreciates, and Overwatch 2 is adding something along those lines. The only thing we got so far is the concept art for a cyberpunk-style Genji skin. According to Blizzard, this tier of skins will have customization.

On the other note, weapons are also going to have charms that players can swap in and out for some extra customization.

Even more things with seasons!

There is already a roadmap, somewhat, of the content that is going to be released in the upcoming seasons, and it is quite fascinating.

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