Overwatch – Reaper’s Code of Violence Event

Published: Feb 21, 2022

One thing that is certain about Overwatch in 2022 is that there is always something going on with the game. Whether it is leaks of Overwatch 2 in the client, OWL being outsourced to the third party along with other announcements, or some kind of event, things are happening, which is great!

In this case, it is another event, even if the Lunar New Year has just finished, and this one is about our favorite dual-wielding shotgun character, Reaper, with the name Reaper’s Code of Violence.

Everything we know about the event so far

While it would be fantastic if this was a big event like the Lunar New Year, it does not come as a surprise that it is a mini-event. These cover only a single character and reward some cosmetics related to that character, in this case, Reaper. We had similar events like this in the past, and this particular one will occur from February 22nd until March 8th, 2022.

During the event, you will have to play 9, 18, and 27 games in order to unlock rewards, and like always, winning a game will count like playing two of them. As for the prizes, they are not revealed yet, but it will usually follow the icon, spray, and skin formula.

When it comes to the skin, the shotguns look very similar to the Blackwatch skin, with a couple of different details, and the face seems to have gas mask filters on each side of his face if you take a close look at the teaser for the event.

News you might have missed out on

Because there is so much news related to Overwatch, if you happen to miss some of them, we are going to give you a quick recap of our fellow esports betting enthusiasts.

For starters, there have been some rumors of Overwatch League being outsourced to a third-party company, which is still not confirmed. However, considering the Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard, this does follow their practice, so it would not be a surprise if it happens, even if the deal is not finalized.

Another big thing about OWL is that there has been a massive announcement about this season’s schedule. The season of best Overwatch tournaments in 2022 will kick off on May 5th with some great matches that will once again feature thrilling 5v5 action on an early version of Overwatch 2 that we will hopefully get to play ourselves at least in the beta form.

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