Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2021

Published: Dec 16, 2021

The creators of Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment, might not be having the best reputation right now due to various scandals like the lawsuit, the breast milk stealing rumors, and even the biggest name on the developer team Jeff Kaplan left. While this certainly does not seem like the best news for the game, it is still up and running, and since it is December, it is time for another Winter Wonderland event.

Should you return for the event?

Something that a lot of people ask is “is Overwatch dying?” and while the answer to that question might not be in the favor of the game considering that Overwatch 2 is getting postponed over and over again, the game is still as it was before. If you happen to have some friends to play with, you should certainly return for the event and play out some games in order to unlock the new skins.

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What is new in Winter Wonderland 2021?

With the event beginning on December 16th, you will be able to get the winter loot boxes that provide the new skins. If you happen to be a fan of D. Va, Orisa, and Genji, you are in luck, because they are all getting a fantastic legendary skin.

Of course, there are some other epic and rare skins, along with emotes and sprays that you will be able to unlock. You can find the full list of new content once you log into the game, or you can check out the official Overwatch site.

New and returning game modes

One of the most favorite events in the Overwatch community is Mei’s Snowball Offensive, and it is returning this year. The same can be said for Snowball Deathmatch and Yeti hunter, which might not be as popular, but they are certainly entertaining when played with a group of friends, and you can probably join some of the top Overwatch streamers for extra fun.

While esports betting is unfortunately not something that the event is related with until OWL returns next year with Overwatch 2, you will be able to enjoy a new game mode called Freezethaw Elimination. In this 4v4 brawl, instead of slaying enemies, you will freeze them into ice blocks that the enemy can unfreeze. Once a team manages to freeze the whole enemy team, they win.

Play To Earn model continues

This year, Overwatch had quite a lot of Play To Earn moments where you can unlock skins by simply playing the game. This is great, as you can get some pretty cool skins, and it keeps the game alive. During the Winter Wonderland Event, Play To Earn will give three different skins over three weeks.

Starting in week one, you will be able to unlock the Elf Junkrat Epic skin, week two brings Gingerbread Ana Epic skin, and week 3 brings (probably everyone’s favorite) Frosty Roadhog Epic skin. To unlock these skins, you will have to win 9 games each week, so happy gaming and stay frosty!

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