OWL Pro-Am Groups Betting Preview: Teams, Odds & Predictions

Posted on March 23, 2023

After a long enough break, the Overwatch League looks to return in the coming days. Accordingly, Activision Blizzard looks to kick off this season of competition with the OWL Pro-Am event. Split into multiple groups, in this featured betting preview, we’ll be taking a look at the OWL Pro-Am Groups below!

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OWL Pro-Am Groups – First Event of the Season

Typically, Overwatch tournaments in the OWL are split into East and West. However, this time around, the online event with $100,000 on the line will be switching things up for the 20 NA competing teams. 

Competing on the new title of Overwatch 2, what makes this event special is the featuring of Amateur teams from the Contenders side of things. with a total of 7 Qualifier Teams joinig the franchised organizations. Considering this, the event will not feature any Overwatch League points, solely the prize pool – a fun way to start the season. 

With regards to the format, the competition has been split into four groups of five teams each. From each group, only the top 2 teams will progress to the Playoffs stage. All the action kicks off on March 23, with the entire competition concluded on 9th April.

Below, using Overwatch odds provided by the esports betting platform, GG.Bet, we’ll be previewing each group and highlighting two favourites. For those unaware, our GG.Bet review rings with high praise considering its incredible reputation and ease of use for those new and experienced in the world of esports betting – the odds used below are outright winning odds.

OWL Pro-Am Groups – Odds and Predictions

Group A

Kicking things off at Group A, it’s no surprise to say that San Francisco Shock are the favourites here. Featuring some of the best Overwatch players in the league, the main competition here will be for second place.

Moreover, according to the outright winning odds, Florida Mayhem are the next team up for that second place spot. Otherwise, the likes of Trick Room as a Contenders team does have the chance to surprise here – that would be awesome to see.

  • San Francisco Shock – 7.5
  • Florida Mayhem – 17
  • Trick Room – 26
  • Vancouver Titans – 41
  • Timeless – 81

Group B

Moving over to Group B, Atlanta Reign look to continue where they left off in the OWL 2022 season, predicted to finish first in this group.

Otherwise, London Spitfire’s impressive rebuilding during the off-season have resulted in them climbing up the rankings, making them the second best bet to leave this group.

  • Atlanta Reign – 2.75
  • London Spitfire – 15
  • Saints – 23
  • Vegas Eternal – 51
  • Los Angeles Valiant – 67
OWL Pro-Am
Image Credits: Activision Blizzard

Group C

Stacked with a tonne of veteran talent, Boston Uprising looks to harness this and carry themselves to an early Group lead in this competition as one of the best Overwatch teams. Following them are the likes of LAG, who look to carry on performing well after two seasons of consistent performances.

  • Boston Uprising – 4.5
  • Los Angeles Gladiators – 8
  • Washington Justice – 26
  • Team Peps – 51
  • WISP – 81

Group D

Although failing to impress last season, Houston Outlaws seem to be a clear favourite for the OWL Pro-Am Groups stage, specifically Group B.

Meanwhile, runner-up is fairly up for grabs, though Toronto Defiant are the most likely team to make it through.

  • Houston Outlaws – 5
  • Toronto Defiant – 17
  • Redbird Esports – 34
  • Twisted Minds – 51
  • New York Excelsior – 81
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