Parimatch Named Official Betting Partner For CCT Brazil Tour

Published: Aug 24, 2022 - Last Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Parimatch, a popular online betting site and casino, has been named the official betting partner for the Champion of Champions broadcasts in Brazil. As an all-new global CSGO tournament, the Champion of Champions event features teams from seven regions around the world, competing across more than 3000 matches for a $3.4m prize pool. Recently, the organising body, GRID Esports, named Parimatch the exclusive betting sponsor of the ‘CCT’ broadcasts in Brazil.

As one of the most long-winded tournaments to ever surface in the world of esports, the CCT will see plenty of airtime in Brazil. As Parimatch seeks to gain ground lost as a result of a shifting economical climate, the firm’s leadership team has set its eyes on the Brazilian market. From the 25th of August, when the CCT broadcasts commence in Brazil, Parimatch’s branding will take centre stage.

A Parimatch Made In Heaven

Image Credit: GRID Esports

Parimatch has long been nurturing a strong connection with the esports betting industry. It’s a leading esports betting platform that offers a wide range of markets across a diverse array of titles, from Call of Duty to Rocket League, and from Valorant to, of course, Counter-Strike. While the sponsorship deal is directly connected with the Brazilian market, esports bettors can already place wagers on the CCT events unfolding in other regions around the world right now on Parimatch.

The Champion of Champions tournament is a remarkably ambitious esports tournament – a two-year-long series incorporating an entire world of CSGO teams. It has already kicked off, but it’ll run long into 2024, with several stages being hosted across seven regions:

At the moment, teams are undergoing a ‘play-in’ stage, which will be followed by the main stage that takes place online. Then, it’s the studio finals, and finally, the arena LAN stage. There are cups, qualifiers, in-person events, partners coming in from all corners of the globe, and ultimately, a $3.4m prize pool. It’s one of the biggest prizes ever seen for a CSGO tournament.

In a statement, GRID Esports’ Chief Sales Officer, Mikael Westerling, said:

‘We aim to establish partnerships that drive growth to create a fruitful experience for CCT players and viewers alike. Parimatch shares the value of prioritising fan engagement with tthe CSGO, and great esports community.’

This is a long-form partnership that will connect both parties until 2024, and it should prove especially lucrative for Parimatch. There’s a vibrant and dynamic CSGO scene in South America, and in particular, in Brazil.

If you’ve got a sudden desire to learn more about the betting platform, feel free to check out our Parimatch review.

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