Paysafe certified as carbon neutral for 2021 and 2022

Posted on April 22, 2021 - Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Paysafe, the specialized payments platform, has announced that they have been awarded with carbon-neutral status for the years 2021 and 2022. Paysafe is a payment platform that is used by many popular esports betting operators like GG.Bet esports.

The new certification

Paysafe managed to get their carbon-neutral certification by financing sustainability projects in developing countries as well as extensive data gathering and independent third-party verification. They worked with carbon finance and carbon-neutral experts, Natural Capital Partners in order to improve their carbon footprint as well as choose the sustainability projects that the organisation will support as they move from 2021 into 2022. Right now, they are planning to support Community Reforestation in East Africa, the Acre in the Amazonian Rainforest, REDD+ portfolio in Brazil, and Sindh Wind Power in Pakistan.

Comments from the organisations

Philip McHugh, CEO at Paysafe, spoke about their carbon footprint in a recent press release from the company:

“Like many other companies, the pandemic has had a dramatic impact on our carbon footprint, however the return to physical office locations and international travel will happen in time and we can expect to see carbon emissions rise again.  Meanwhile, we will continue to capture data based on home working carbon emissions and offset that as part of our pledge to sustainability.  Bottom line, we are committed to supporting ongoing carbon reduction in the long-term, and our environmental programme forms a central part of our approach to corporate responsibility and our commitment to doing business the right way.”

Rebecca Fay, Chief Marketing Officer at Natural Capital Partners, added in the same release:

“We are very pleased to support Paysafe in the achievements of its environment programme as it commits to four years as a carbon neutral business. Even after what the world has experienced over the past year, the need for climate action has not changed. Carbon neutrality is a critical step to achieving the global transformation of our economy and should be a priority for businesses everywhere. It’s great to see international companies like Paysafe making and meeting commitments to being environmentally responsible.”

Paysafe and the world of esports

For many esports betting sites, like Unikrn esports, Paysafe is a trusted payment option. It allows users to deposit money without having to use their own card details. According to research from Paysafe that was conducted with 2,000 online sports bettors in the United States during December 2020, there are certain issues that bettors face when paying online. The data showed that 40% of sports bettors that have tried to make an account deposit using a bank card have experienced at least one card decline and 43% have changed their preferred online sportsbook due to declined transactions.

These are not insignificant numbers especially when it comes to esports betting sites. The most important thing that a betting site should provide their customers is a sense of reliability and trust. That’s why esports betting operators that offer unique betting options like crypto betting or esports betting need to offer safe and secure deposit options like Paysafe.

Certain banks and payment options take a negative view on gambling transactions and may block payments made to even the most trustworthy betting operators. By providing a wider option of payment methods, esports betting operators can ensure their players have access to the services they require.

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