PGL Announces 8 Dota Tournaments Over the Next 3 Years

Published: Mar 4, 2024

Tournament organizer PGL has made a firm commitment to the future of competitive Dota 2 by announcing a “minimum of eight” $1 million dollar tournaments to be held between 2024 and 2026 vastly increasing the opportunities for betting on Dota 2. The news broke early on Monday morning (March 4) when PGL posted details on their social media and official press page.

The Romanian tournament organizer announced that the first tournament would take place between May 10-19, 2024. The event, titled PGL Wallachia, will have its open qualifiers from March 21-24 and its closed qualifiers following on March 25-28. With a $1 million prize pool, the event is said to “blend top-tier esports action with the rich cultural backdrop of Romania.” The event takes its name from one of the historical provinces of Romania and will take place at the PGL Studios in Bucharest.

This initial event kickstarts what PGL calls a three-year commitment to Dota 2. From 2025 to 2026, PGL will run a further seven Dota 2 tournaments, with dates listed below:

2025 Tournament #1 – March 6-15 | Qualifiers – January 5-12
2025 PGL Tournament #2 – April 18-27 | Qualifiers – March 23-30
2025 PGL Tournament #3 – November 7-16 | Qualifiers – September 21-28
2026 PGL Tournament #1 – March 6-15 | Qualifiers – January 4-11
2026 PGL Tournament #2 – April 17-26 | Qualifier – March 22-29
2026 PGL Tournament #3 – November 6-15

In the release, PGL compared the level of these events to the Majors PGL has hosted in the past, such as the Arlington Major 2022, Kyiv Major 2017, and Boston Major 2016 – many cornerstones of the now-defunct DPC. PGL further expanded on their commitment to Dota 2 in the post-DPC era:

“The commitment to a three-year series of tournaments showcases PGL’s unwavering support for the DOTA 2 community and its passion for delivering top-tier esports events. Fans worldwide can look forward to experiencing the pinnacle of DOTA 2 competition, brought to life by PGL’s renowned production quality and innovative approach to esports tournaments.”

The company concluded the release with a definitive statement, styling themselves as “the last independent Tournament Organizer in the scene.” With the ESL One and DreamLeague tournament series of events under the mantle of Saudi-backed ESL Faceit Group, and other Dota 2 event organizers, such as Fissure, primarily operating on behalf of Betboom or other sponsors, it’s a reasonable claim.

PGL has also been the co-organizer of The International since 2016, sharing the credit with Dota 2 developer Valve. Additionally, the company hosted eight tours of Valve’s official Dota 2 Pro Circuit. Now, with the DPC dissolved, PGL has set its sights on the future of Dota 2 esports.

Image: PGL

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