PGL Major Antwerp: Challengers Stage Recap

Published: May 13, 2022

A lot has happened during the New Challengers Stage of PGL Major Antwerp. In this piece, we will talk about the biggest loser of the initial Major stage. On top of that, who does not like a good underdog story, right? We have a perfect one for you so do not miss out.

If you are into PGL Major Antwerp betting, you were probably stunned by the number of surprises that happened during the Challengers Stage. Even though teams like G2 and Vitality qualified with ease, teams like Liquid and Imperial struggled.

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Bad News Eagles March On

Not so long ago, we saw a lot of news about the Bad News Eagles, the first team from Kosovo to qualify for the Major stage. Once again, they surprised everyone and squeezed their way into the next stage of one of the most important CS:GO tournaments.

After beating Eternal Fire in a real thriller, Bad News Eagles were shut down by forZe in a one-sided affair. But a hard defeat did not rattle gxx- who was able to drop 33 kills on Vertigo against Imperial.

Eagles were close to the finish line but they had a tough task in front of them, and eventually, they were stomped by ENCE. After that, a lot of punters and enthusiasts were expecting MIBR to handle Bad News Eagles with ease, but this is not what happened. After dropping the first map, Kosovars turned things around on Vertigo and Ancient and booked themselves a ticket for the Legends Stage.

Astralis Are Going Home

Let’s face it, a lot of CS:GO fans wanted to see Astralis go through and dominate just like they did in recent years. To be honest, after an insane start where they left IHC with only two rounds to their name, we expected much more in coming matches.

Getting battered by Vitality is nothing to be ashamed of. However, we saw a lot of bad plays in their match against MIBR. Despite winning and going 2-1 overall, things were looking grim for the Danes after such a performance. This is exactly what happened as Astralis were unable to win a single map against Spirit and Liquid. When we take a closer look at the CS:GO odds offered on Astralis, we can count this as the biggest surprise in the Challengers Stage.

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What to Expect From Legends Stage

If you like to bet on CSGO, then this stage of PGL Major Antwerp will provide you with plenty of opportunities to end up in profit. From our point of view, we will not see a lot of surprises in this stage of CSGO Major.

Natus Vincere, Cloud9, and FaZe Clan should all qualify easily. If we take a closer look at the opening matches, all three teams that we just mentioned should go 1-0 in their openers. Vitality also showed a lot of potential during the Challengers Stage, but we have to face it that the competition was not as fierce as it is in this stage of the event.

We are not expecting much from NIP and BIG in this one. Imperials also struggled a lot and there is a chance that they will be among the first teams to pack their bags. It is also going to be super interesting to see how far the Bad News Eagles go. In our books, they have a solid match-up in their opener. At current odds(2.75 on Bad News Eagles to beat Copenhagen Flames), the smart money is definitely on Eagles.

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