PGL Antwerp CSGO Major: Schedule and First Matches Revealed

Published: May 4, 2022

From the 9th of May, 2022, twenty-four of the world’s greatest CSGO teams will grace the stage in Antwerp. They’ll be fighting it out for their chance at walking away with the lion’s share of the $1,000,00 prize pool. In the annual CSGO esports schedule, few events are more prolific and lucrative than the Majors, and at the PGL Antwerp CSGO Major, there’s a whole lot for these teams to play for. Today, we’re running through the schedule for the tournament, taking a look at the earliest matches in the event.

It was a few years ago that the driving format behind the CSGO Majors changed, introducing a new prize pool and tournament structure. However, in February, a CSGO Major Rulebook was introduced in order to address ‘inconsistencies across Valve-sponsored events’. The PGL Antwerp CSGO Major is the first tournament to adhere to this rulebook.

PGL Antwerp Major: The Opening Fixtures


During the first four days of the PGL Antwerp competition, we’ll be treated to a Swiss System-based Challengers Stage. In this stage, 16 teams will do battle, with the top eight teams pushing on into the Legends Stage. It’s here that the Challengers that have moved up will clash with the already qualified Legends-tier teams. Once that round – which runs from the 14th to the 17th of May – has finished, the top eight teams in the content will push on into the Champions Stage.

There are some huge matchups already in place for the very first day of this tournament. If you’re interested in PGL Major Antwerp betting, you’ll want to get those wagers in as early as possible. For instance, let’s look at the opening fixture – Vitality vs. Complexity. These teams are two of the biggest organisations in CSGO esports today, and while Vitality has the edge, Complexity could dish out a huge upset in the opening match.

Vitality certainly is the bookmaker’s favourite going into the match, though.

Unless you’re watching two streams side-by-side, you’ll need to decide which matches are more important to you when it comes to CSGO bets. There’s less excitement around the Bad News Eagles vs. Eternal Fire matchup, but BNS is in the middle of a Cinderella run…

What To Expect from the PGL Antwerp Major

According to the top CSGO betting odds, FaZe Clan sits in the most advantageous position going into this tournament. There are odds floating around of around 2.55 in favour of FaZe winning the entire event, followed closely behind by Natus Vincere. Far at the bottom end of the table sits hte likes of IHC, Renegades, 9z, and MIBR, in order. However, if you’re a backer of an underdog side, consider investing in Bad News Eagles, currently floating around 101.00 to win the tournament.

That could be a very lucrative bet indeed.

Ultimately, the winner of the PGL Antwerp CSGO Major will receive a massive $500,000, plus instant access to the BLAST Premier World Final event. There’s a huge amount riding on this competition, and you can be sure that all teams involved will put on a dramatic display for the fans.

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