PGL Stockholm Major Boasts RECORD-BREAKING Prize Pool

Published: Oct 27, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 26, 2023

While CSGO is undoubtedly one of the most popular esports titles in history, it isn’t the most valuable. If we track back through the last decade or so of competitive gaming, in terms of overall value, CSGO tournaments aren’t making it into the top ten. Regardless, CSGO remains one of the most-watched esports titles to-date, with competitions in the space drawing in millions of viewers.

With that information in mind, it’s unfair to say that CSGO tournaments are worth nothing. On the contrary; the best CSGO competitions boast considerable prize pools, they’re just not as high as some other tournaments. For example, Dota 2’s The International rules the roost, boasting a staggering prize pool worth some $40 million (in 2021).

Now, the platform has stepped things up a bit, introducing a record-breaking prize pool for the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 event.

Major Money

Image Credit: Red Bull

For this competition, which is the first CSGO Major in two years, the prize pool is worth some $2 million. It’s the largest prize pool in CSGO history, with the second-place slot being claimed by the WESG 2017 event, which boasted a $1.5 million pool. Furthermore, the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 event is set to be the biggest CSGO tournament for a very long time.

There are twenty-four teams competing at the event, all of which make up the finest gaming talent the CSGO world has to offer. There are unparalleled opportunities for fans to get involved with CSGO bets, and it’s also a return to LAN form for the title. For the PGL Major Stockholm event, fans are openly invited to support their teams at the massive Avicii Arena in Sweden.

Recently, it was also announced that would be the official betting partner for the tournament. There’s no doubt that the profile of this competition is swelling, and before it ends on the 7th of November, it’ll have established itself as one of the greatest of all time.

Take Advantage of the Value

With this being the most valuable CSGO tournament in history, the competition is likely to be hotter than ever. As a viewer, you can take advantage of that fact by placing PGL Major Stockholm bets across the board. This tournament is prolific, that much is for certain, and almost every esports betting site in existence will offer markets on the PGL Major Stockholm event.

For the last two years, fans have been waiting, biding their time, for a fresh CSGO Major to turn up. While this isn’t the first CSGO tournament to take place since the last Major, it’s by far and wide one of the most highly anticipated events. If you’re anything of a CSGO fan, you’ll definite want to know how to watch the PGL Major, tuning in to see which team walks away with the record-breaking grand prize.

Enjoy it – it’s definitely going to be a tournament to remember.

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