Pinnacle Adds Multi View Feature to Esports Live Betting Hub

Published: Sep 12, 2023

It has been a busy time at Pinnacle of late with the company releasing some big news. That was the release of a brand new feature for the site’s Esports Hub.

That feature is called Multi View and according to the press release, here’s how it works.

What is Pinnacle’s New Multi View Feature?

Multi View is a new page available on the Esports Hub at Pinnacle that allows you to view each and every one of the live betting markets available for a fixture, across multiple fixtures, all at the same time.

pinnacle adds multi view for esports live betting

This new development is a positive boon for customers that like to bet In Play across multiple events and who previously, had to switch between these events to keep tabs on the markets.

Clearly, in a time-dependent form of betting like esports live betting, this isn’t ideal, hence Pinnacle came up with Multi View.

How Does Multi View Work At Pinnacle Esports?

Multi View is available on the top navigation bar of the Pinnacle site, but you can also access it on other parts of the site, such as the Esports Hub page.

Only live matches are available in the Multi View section of the Pinnacle site and you can filter by specific games using the left-side bar.

Just click on the logos to switch off or on the current markets for the games in question.

For example, if Pinnacle is one of your favorite CSGO gambling site, then you can click on the CSGO logo to switch on the Live Betting options available on the Multi View page.

To add a match from Multi View, just drag and drop it into one of the main page windows that have a plus symbol showing. Currently, you can select up to four matches to follow in Multi View.

Pinnacle Multi View

For the fixtures added you can select which bets to place and place them using the bet slip on the right.

Multi View odds are the exact same odds you would get on the same bet on another part of the site, although at present it should be noted that Multi View is available for Desktop users only at this present moment.

A Big Step Forward For Esports Live Betting?

If you have read our Pinnacle Review, you’ll know that good odds and innovations for users are part of the reasons why we recommend the site.

The Multi View option is a good example of this, offering a convenient tool which can be used by punters to enhance and speed up their live esports betting on the site.

The ability to view all markets across multiple fixtures is a massive enhancement for In Play esports bettors and one which we think will make a significant improvement when betting In Play at Pinnacle.

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