Pinnacle to use GRID as official esports data partner

Published: Sep 20, 2019 - Last Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The esports betting site Pinnacle has appointed GRID to be its official supplier of esports data. The announcement was made earlier this week at the ESI London esports business conference. It aims to consolidate Pinnacle’s position as one of the most comprehensive esports betting sites in the industry.

The partnership is notable for the fact that GRID have exclusive data distribution rights for top esports tournaments like the recent StarLadder Berlin Major. Curacao-based Pinnacle recently launched a new Future View website. The implementation of GRID’s data will mark a big step up for the brand.

Pinnacle were one of the first online betting sites to feature odds on esports. Now the betting site offers a broad coverage of all of the major esports tournaments. Marco Blume, the trading director of Pinnacle stated that ‘This deal is an important part of the esports evolution at Pinnacle.’. He also said that the quality of data that GRID provide will help them improve their product.


The partnership will also see GRID acting as a B2B partner that actively promotes the Pinnacle Solution sportsbook platform. Berlin-based GRID have a commanding share of official data assets in esports. The brand have aimed to provide a superior scalable data infrastructure across the biggest competitive gaming titles.

Pinnacle Esports Data - GRID

GRID recently hit the headlines when it was announced that they would get exclusive data distribution rights for the 2019 StarLadder Berlin Major. The data from the Counter-Strike tournament was used by GRID to provide revenue for the tournament organiser. GRID also aimed to stop the unauthorised commercial use of in-game data.

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The tournament saw GRID unveiling their Stats and Insight service. This could be used by StarLadder to add detail to their broadcasts, boost revenues from sponsors, and increase engagement across their social media campaigns.

GRID have only been in operation since 2018. The German company has gained plenty of useful experience at events like the FACEIT London Major in September 2018, as well as the BLAST Pro Series and AliSports competitions.

The company have been aiming to streamline and monetise the way that esports data is used by a variety of brands. With ongoing concerns about data theft in the esports industry, GRID have put forward a powerful product that can be implemented by companies as varied as tournament organisers and esports betting sites.


Pinnacle have been serving up esports bets since 2010. Competitive gaming is now the company’s fourth most popular market for betting. It is thought that esports could get the number two position behind football by 2020.

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At the moment, Pinnacle serve up odds for classic esports like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends and StarCraft 2. But as the market has expanded, the bookie has added titles like Overwatch betting, Rocket League betting and King of Glory to their platform. With GRID on hand to offer their specialist data service, Pinnacle will be the esports betting site to beat.

Photo Credits: Impyrial Holdings Ltd | Pinnacle

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