Prime Gaming Announced as VCT EMEA Partner

Published: Feb 11, 2022

When it comes to Riot Games, it is looking like 2022 will be a massive year for them. Not only because many esports organizations competing in their games are getting big sponsors that play significant roles in the crypto industry, but also because they are partnering up with some big companies themselves.

Partnership with Valorant Champions Tour EMEA

Valorant is rising in popularity, and we are glad that it is getting the attention it is getting because the game is phenomenal. Not only for playing but also for watching, as Riot is doing an outstanding job at esports with their FPS game like it does with their other games.

When it comes to the partnership, many confuse Prime Gaming with the monthly loot that one would receive for Valorant. Yes, that has been around for a while, but this is entirely different, as it will offer even more things to the Valorant community.

Image Credits | Riot Games

The main thing that Prime Gaming will provide to the VCT EMEA for 2022 is the Post-Match Highlights. These are not only going to be phenomenal to watch for those who just want to see the best plays of the match in case they missed it, but also for those who want to catch up on the best plays throughout a season while making a montage.

If you have been watching the League of Legends professional scene, you might have already seen some involvement from Prime Gaming, as they have partnered with League Of Legends’ European Masters 2021. To catch these highlights in action, you will be able to do so from February 2nd, and Stage 1 will last until May 27th.

Use The Highlights To Your Advantage

For fans of esports betting, this is actually a pretty big deal because you can quickly look up what the teams and players within those teams are capable of. By increasing your knowledge, your Valorant betting adventures will definitely have a better outcome than the instance where you would not have access to highlights.

VCT EMEA Is Growing

If you remember, this is not the first significant partnership that VCT EMEA has acquired this year, as Aim Lab partnered up with Riot Games as well. Aim Lab will also produce content for spectators and competitors and provide a training platform to devoted players who seek improvement in their performance.

Of course, the biggest partner that VCT EMEA managed to get is Red Bull. You might be thinking that Red Bull is sponsoring anyone, but that is not necessarily true. The truth is that they are only sponsoring those who could make them a profit, which shows just how big of a game Valorant has become over the last two years since its release.

We are delighted that Riot Games has been doing well as a company lately, especially in the aspect of esports. But, even with these extensive partnerships already established, let us hope that there will be more great partnerships with our favorite Riot Games’ that will give fans some juicy rewards and high-quality content!

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