PSG.LGD Wins Dota 2 DPC China Regional Finals

Published: Feb 22, 2022

If ever there was a live example of the “perfect campaign”, this was it. PSG.LGD, known to perform and deliver under crunch moments in Dota 2 esports, stood tall once again in one of the most competitive regions in China. They vanquished every single opponent along the way to be crowned as an unstoppable force. They ended the regular tour as the toppers, which earned them 300 DPC points and made them richer by USD 30,000, but the icing on the cake was claiming the DPC championship by brushing aside Royal Never Give Up.

In all, they went from start to finish unbeaten – 10 straight wins. At the end of it, they had more than made up for the disappointment of losing the TI10 Championship. It wasn’t as if PSG.LGD weren’t challenged along the way. Aster, RNG, EHOME all gave them a decent run, as did Invictus Gaming. What stood out was PSG.LGD’s consistency and execution.

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The Perfect Run

They started their surge to the title by beating RNG in the upper bracket final. It wasn’t as easy, though, as they overcame a revitalised RNG line-up with the likes of Somnus, Chalice, and xNova in two straight series, winning a close 2-0 matchup in the upper bracket finals before running into them again in the grand finals.

RNG then bounced back to beat Team Aster in the lower bracket final to force a rematch. And it didn’t start without its fair share of hiccups. In the first game, they were handsomely thumped across all parameters. RNG managed 67.3k gold to PSG.LGD’s 53.1k gold, landed 16 kills and captured 4 towers more. This aggressive play was made possible by Zhong “God King” Liushuai and Somnus. This was a statement of intent from RNG. But PSG.LGD rose above the shockwaves to bounce back.

The second game was an arm-wrestle, with both teams landing punches and counter-punches. RNG even managed to seize the advantage at the 28-minute mark, before PSG.LGD gathered their wits to outclass their opponents flat out in the next six minutes to level proceedings.

From there on, they were on beast mode, brushing aside the smallest of threats with clinical precision. By the time the fourth game started, you got the sense that RNG were running on fumes. They managed just 52.9k of gold to PSG.LGD’s 73.7k, 17 kills to the eventual champions who managed 37. Ame and NothingToSay had key roles to play in the conquest.

Image Credits | Perfect World Dota

What’s Next for PSG.LGD?

This earned them an additional USD 50,000 AND 250 DPC points into their kitty, in addition to their earnings from the winter tour. PSG.LGD are now tied with Team Spirit for the top spot in the International Rankings at 550 DPC points.

Having ended with the ultimate crowning glory, Ame is already looking ahead to the next patch, 7.31. And he would like some change. “I want Icefrog to delete midlane. I don’t want to see six heroes battling it out in the middle. We also need to add a jungle lane,” he said. It gave a peek into the mindset of a champion in a champion team. The next set of goals may have been set in stone already. Good luck, everyone.

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