PSG Talon vs. Team BDS Odds & Prediction: Worlds 2023 Play-In Round 2

Published: Oct 14, 2023

The excitement of the Worlds 2023 Play-In Series continues to grip League of Legends fans worldwide. As we inch closer to the heart of the tournament, another captivating showdown is on the horizon. On Oct. 15, PSG Talon, a powerhouse in its own right, will lock horns with the formidable Team BDS, as both aim to solidify their standing in the Worlds competition.

On this page, read our breakdown of the PSG Talon vs. Team BDS match, arming you with the essential LoL Worlds betting insights for this encounter.

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PSG Talon vs. Team BDS (10:00 CEST, Oct. 15)

PSG Talon

psg talon team bds match prediction
Image: Riot/LoL Esports

The Worlds stage has been no stranger to the intense mechanics of the entire PSG Talon squad. Having made waves in their regional league, they bring to this contest a blend of experience and newfound energy. As they step onto the Summoner’s Rift against Team BDS, their tactics and coordination will be under the spotlight.

A key player to watch for PSG Talon will be their ADC. Although this position may not be the strongest carry in the meta, they can still make a strong impact in this game.

Team strengths:

  • Exceptional vision control and map awareness.
  • Consistent performances in their regional championships.
  • Their mid-laner and jungler synergy can be game-decisive.

Team BDS

psg talon vs bds prediction
Image: Team BDS via X

In contrast, Team BDS has been a revelation this season. With a slew of impressive performances under their belt, they’ve showcased both flair and strategy in their gameplay. The challenge is maintaining this momentum against a seasoned team like PSG Talon.

For Team BDS, their top laner’s ability to hold the fort and create split-push opportunities will be crucial.

Team strengths:

  • A strong early game, often gaining advantages through lane priority.
  • Their support’s roaming capabilities have been a highlight this season.
  • The mid and jungle duo often coordinate for early objectives and ganks.

PSG Talon vs. Team BDS Prediction

The LoL Worlds 2023 odds paint a closely contested picture: PSG Talon is at 1.95, while Team BDS holds a slight edge at 1.81. If you are interested in betting on this match, it may be wise to choose wisely and analyze their previous matches. Given the close odds for these two teams, the match will definitely be electrifying.

  • Prediction: PSG Talon (2-3) Team BDS
  • Odds: PSG Talon Win (1.95), Team BDS Win (1.81)
  • LoL Betting Site: GG.Bet

Odds are dynamic and may change

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