PSG Talon Wins PCS Spring 2022 and Qualifies for MSI

Posted on April 18, 2022 - Last Updated on May 2, 2022

PSG Talon have officially qualified for MSI 2022, following their grand finals victory in the PCS Spring Playoffs 2022. For the fourth time in a row, we will see PSG Talon on the international stages.

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PSG Talon’s Journey in the PCS

PSG Talon will be the PCS representative at the Mid-Season Invitational yet again, after performing extremely well at last year’s edition in Iceland.

During the PCS Spring tournament, PSG Talon ended up dominating for the majority of the split, only dropping two series against Beyond Gaming and CTBC Flying Oyster, a new team in Pacific Championship Series.

During the off-season, many PCS teams have dropped their franchise spot to newer organizations. Some of these teams also included Liyab Esports and Machi Esports, who went to Worlds two years ago. One of the most famous teams from the league, Hong Kong Attitude, ended up disbanding prior to their tournament. This caused a lot of movements during the break, but PSG Talon wasn’t one of those teams.

The team had to find two replacements following River’s and Maple’s departure, who joined respectively Dignitas and Anyone’s Legend. The result was hiring two Korean talents, jungler Juhan and mid laner Bay, who both previously played in the LCK in Nongshim RedForce.

PSG Talon and the PCS Playoffs

Coming into the Playoffs, PSG Talon were one of the favorites to win the PCS Championship. Their run, however, wasn’t all roses. In the finals of the winners’ bracket, they dropped 3-1 to CTBC Flying Oyster, showing that this new team can give PSG a hard time and that the team needed to improve even more to become champions.

After a close 3-2 victory against J Team, PSG Talon had the chance to redeem themselves in the finals against CFO. The enemy team stroke first, taking Game 1 after picking up an Elder Dragon. PSG, however, didn’t give up, as they fought their way to a 2-1 in two very prolonged games. What PSG didn’t expect, though, was a 24-minute loss in Game 4, with CFO gapping them and bringing the series to Silver Scrapes with the momentum in their favor.

While everything looked gloomy for PSG, they quickly reset themselves ahead of Game 5. Despite giving up First Blood, PSG picked up all objectives on the map and gave no breathing room to CFO, who had to make stuff happen to protect their gold lead. With Ornn and a hyper-scaling Aphelios, CFO could do little in the late game team fights, losing both Baron and Elder Dragon. In less than 3 minutes, PSG turned the gold lead in their favor and destroyed the Nexus, becoming PCS Champions for the 4th

PSG have qualified for MSI 2022

PSG Talon will now join the other regions’ representatives at the tournament which is set to start on May 10 in Busan, South Korea. While we don’t know whether the format will become fully online due to the Covid-19 situation, PSG Talon will surely have the chance to compete with the best teams around the world, including LEC’s G2 Esports, LCK’s T1 and many other wild card regions.

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