PUBG Mobile announces a new collaboration with rapper Rich Brian

Posted on December 2, 2020 - Last Updated on October 22, 2021

PUBG Mobile has announced a new in-game collaboration with the Indonesian rapper Rich Brian. The artist known for singles like Dat $tick and 100 Degrees will provide a voice pack for the game as well as releasing one of his new singles, Love in My Pocket, inside the game also.

This is a natural fit for the game and the artist. They both have a large following in South East Asia and a collaboration between the two will be a successful one. The 21 year old rapper is a fan of the game. He has previously stated that his favorite map is Sanhok and his favorite strategy is “hiding”.

Rich Brian & PUBG

This is not the first time that Rich Brian has partnered with PUBG. The collaboration between the two began in October of this year when rumors began to fly about an appearance at the PUBG Mobile SEA Pro League (PMPL) 2020 Finals. The PMPL SEA Finals 2020 featured 16 teams from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. These teams made it to the finals through regional PMPLs and the PMCO SEA Wildcard fall split 2020.

His appearance was announced via a 17 second teaser clip that showed the rapper dressed up in the iconic white shirt, black necktie, and Spetsnaz helmet. He even dodged a bullet using a frying pan. PUBG Mobile tournaments have often had fantastic live performances from unique artists. The final round of the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) held last year in Berlin featured a performance from the English-Norwegian DJ Alan Walker.


The pandemic put a stop to live performances and esports events but the PMPL SEA Finals went ahead with games being played online. Rich Brian took part in a show match at the event and his performance was captured using VR technology. He was performing from a VR studio that provided a 720 degree shooting angle and a virtual MC.

PUBG Mobile Global Championships

After the PMPL SEA Finals, five teams from the region qualified for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0, the final event of the 2020 PUBG Mobile Season.  This event was created through a merger of the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) and World Championship (PMWC) due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

24 of the best teams from around the world have been invited or have qualified for the event. Out of the South East Asia region Aerowolf LIMAX, Secret Jin, RRQ Athena, POWER888 KPS, and Team Secret all qualified.

The top team from the region, Bigetron RA, qualified via the World League East. Six of the top 24 PUBG Mobile teams are from the region. They are the second favorite going into the event beaten only by the Chinese Esports organization Four Angry Men.

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0 started a week ago on November 24th and the league stage of the event will run until December 20th. The finals will be held in 2021 from January 21st to January 24th to see who will be crowned World Champion and receive the lion’s share of the $2 million prize pool.

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