Early In Its Life, PUBG Has A Skin Gambling Controversy On Its Hands

Posted on September 5, 2017 - Last Updated on October 13, 2021

The world of skin betting is more than familiar to the esports community, especially in CS:GO, and a new cloud looms over the horizon now. It’s taking the shape of PUBG skin betting.

Yes, everyone’s favorite new Battle Royale multiplayer game seems to be headed the way of CS:GO. Gambling websites are popping up left and right. The most popular of these, according to a directory made specifically to enumerate these skin casinos, is PUBG.Plus. For anyone familiar with Counter-Strike’s gambling websites, this looks very reminiscent of places like CSGOMassive.

This said, the community’s response to the spread of skin gambling has been nothing short of negative. Many are saying it will ruin the game’s community early on, much like in CS:GO.

And the reaction to in-game paid cosmetic items has been even more vitriolic, arguing this system is breaching several promises made by the developer, namely that there would be no monetization in early access.

The developer, Bluehole Studio Inc., has responded to the controversy, initially apologizing but then stating micro-transactions are here to stay.

Despite all the community outcry and complaints, in-game purchases are an effective way to build an economy in games that aren’t AAA titles. Perhaps if there were other ways to get cosmetic items, such as through random drops or spending earned in-game money, the community would not be as offended.

It remains to be seen what course of action Bluehole will take and whether they will listen to the gaming community’s requests.

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