Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Could Arrive Soon

Published: May 28, 2021

Technology – it’s a beautiful thing. If we go back just a few years, the various gaming platforms were truly exclusive, but now, the times are a-changing. In a near-sudden announcement, Ubisoft has confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege crossplay could soon be made a reality. It’d be the latest in a long line of cross-platform titles, following a trend that is growing exponentially in popularity.

In a tweet posted on the Rainbox Six Siege official Twitter channel, it was confirmed that testing is underway:

However, this introduction would transcend simple and traditional crossplay through the addition of ‘crossprogression’. This is a mechanic that isn’t unfamiliar, but it isn’t adopted by every crossplay title out there. With crossprogression, gamers would be free to play Rainbow Siege Six on any platform, progressing the exact same account as they go.

Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay: Awesome or Awful?

It’s a fairly well-known premise within the gaming world that the PC platform has… Advantages. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise to learn that console gamers always balk at being matched up with PC gamers. There’s no set-in-stone rule that says a PC gamer is better, but there are a few bonuses to keep in mind:

But, that being said, it has worked relatively well on other games – even if there have been complaints. Take Call of Duty, for example – 2019’s Modern Warfare introduced crossplay, and it went quite well. Although, if there’s one thing players ask developers to consider, it’s input-based matchmaking. This means a controller player will only match with a controller player, which instantly avoids any ‘KBM’ hate.

Such as… This:

Refresh the Landscape

Ubisoft has confirmed that testing for Rainbow Six Siege crossplay is currently underway on PC and cloud-based platforms only. However, it almost certainly won’t end there, but we won’t know more until the Ubisoft Forward event drops on June 12th.

In most cases, crossplay is a welcome addition to a game. It bridges that exclusivity gap, reunites friends, and allows for a more diverse matchmaking opportunity. If one console has a lacking community, it’s boosted by the fact that two more get added right into it.

Although some may argue that there’s an inherent disadvantage for console players wrapped up in a crossplay universe, this move might be a solid one. If all we’re talking about on the negative side of things is the input-based argument, then the pros could certainly outweigh the cons for Rainbow Six Siege crossplay.

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