Rainbow Six Siege unveils their esports roadmap

Posted on November 27, 2020

Ubisoft have announced their roadmap for all upcoming Rainbow Six Siege esports events. There are amended details and updates for the Six Invitational 2021, Regional Finals 2020, and the Rainbow Six World Cup. As can be expected, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we won’t be seeing any audiences at events until at least February of next year.

The company seems to be committed to the safety of their players while also making sure that viewers and players are not too negatively affected by the pandemic. In the announcement on their website, the company wrote:

“While we have recently taken difficult decisions to switch live events to online competitions, we continue to explore options that would allow us to bring back physical events while ensuring everyone’s health and safety. We are dedicated to offering the best experience possible for both our professional teams and our passionate community. While hosting an audience at a Rainbow Six esports event is still excluded for the time being, we are looking at increasing the frequency of LAN events with teams competing on-site.”

Regional Finals

  • European League Finals: These games have been postponed until 2021 and they will run early in the year from January 15th – 17th. The top four teams from the European League will compete in a fully online tournament
  • North American League Finals: Details have yet to be announced for the US division finals, but the Canadian Finals and relegation match will be held online in 2020 from December 11th – 13th.
  • Asia-Pacific Finals: The Asia-Pacific Finals will be split into 3 fully online Finals. The three finals; North Division, Oceania, and South Asia will be held online in 2021 from January 8th – 10th.
  • Latin-American League Finals: Mexico and LATAM South Divisions promotion/relegation matches and Grand Finals will be held online from November 23rd – 28th. Following strict sanitary and safety measures, the Brazilian Division Grand Final will be held via LAN party on November 29th.

Six Invitational 2021

The Six Invitational will be held in late February 2021. The Invitational will bring together 20 teams from the four regions of the Rainbow Six circuit. It will be held in person in Europe. Ubisoft plans to follow all possible sanitary and safety measures to make sure that all competitors and staff will be as safe as possible. Due to current restrictions, no audience will be in attendance.

16 teams will qualify for the Invitational via the global standings with the remaining four slots open for teams that qualify via the open qualifiers. The qualifiers will take place in December of this year with one slot for each region.

Rainbow Six World Cup

The biggest news to come out of the updated roadmap is the change to the Rainbow Six World Cup. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Ubisoft have made the unenviable decision to delay the World Cup until 2022.

This will be the first Siege World Cup and it looks like the company need the time to properly prepare an event that makes the most of the audience that they have. They don’t want an inaugural event to be held in a silent room, by delaying the World Cup for nearly two years, Ubisoft can almost guarantee that there will be a stadium full of cheering fans.

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