Real Luck Group seeking to expand after SolutionsHub Limited deal

Published: Jun 29, 2021

The Real Luck Group, owners of the popular Luckbox esports betting site, look set to continue the company’s development in recent times by expanding into new territories and jurisdictions.

The company and its subsidiaries have agreed a deal with SolutionsHub Limited, a company that specialises in securing egaming licensing and ensuring that companies follow localised rules and regulations pertaining to the sports and esports betting industries.

Based in the Isle of Man, SolutionsHub works with their partners to facilitate a smooth transition into opening in new markets and regions, ostensibly by ensuring that the partner software and site meets the local rules and regulations. In doing, so, this facilitates partners such as the Real Luck Group, being awarded a license to operate in these new regions.

SolutionsHub are also experts at dealing with regulatory issues and especially in ensuring that any anti-money laundering issues are addressed and they will also ensure that their partner sites are also fully compliant with ensuring and promoting responsible gambling.

Could Canada be the next target for Real Luck Group?

The news of this partnership comes just a week after the Canadian Senate vote in favour of Bill C-218.

This bill, known as The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, is passing through senate with the eventual aim of it legalising betting on sports or athletic events in Canada.

It is expected that following on from that bill, it may also eventually be permitted to bet on a variety of esports tournaments and events alongside its sports betting offerings.

Real Luck Group seeking to expand after SolutionsHub Limited deal

With the North America region still a largely untapped market for both sports betting and esports betting operators, with just a few states across the United States allowing sports and/or esports betting, there is an urgency amongst many betting companies to position themselves prominently if, and when, these markets start to open up.

As such, this move from the Real Luck Group looks very much like a strategic one to ensure that they are well placed ready for when Canada opens up to sports and potentially esports bettors.

“Access more Markets”

Commenting about the engagement between the two companies, the CEO of the Real Luck Group Thomas Rosander explained.

“Our Isle of Man license already allows us to offer wagering to sports and esports fans in territories around the world, and our intention is to access more markets through the acquisition of additional licenses.”

“The SolutionsHub team is among the world’s best when it comes to gambling licensing, making them the perfect partner to expand our business of delivering regulated, secure and entertaining esports betting for existing and future customers.”

James O’Kelly, the Egaming Specialist at SolutionsHub also expressed his companies delight at the collaboration.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Real Luck Group,” he stated.

“Real Luck Group prides itself on integrity and providing the highest levels of player safety and security. We look forward to helping Real Luck Group achieve its licensing and regulatory goals.”

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