Red Bull Partners With Valorant Champions Tour

Published: Feb 2, 2022

Red Bull, the popular energy drink company, is returning as the main partner of the Valorant Champions Tour for the second year.

The company will not only advertise their brand during the official Riot Games broadcasts, but they’ll be actively involved and provide Red Bull Clutch Moments for each individual match in Valorant Champions Tour EMEA, just like last year.

Red Bull’s Involvement in Valorant Esports

Although Valorant Champions Tour is the main tournament of Valorant esports and that’s where Red Bull will be focusing the majority of their efforts, it’s also important to mention all the other smaller Valorant esports events Red Bull organised and was directly involved in.

One of the earliest tournaments they organised was Red Bull AdrenaLAN. This was back in late 2020 where Valorant was just beginning and VCT was not even a thing yet. It was hosted in Canada and featured 64 teams and a $10,000 CAD prize pool.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Later on in 2021 they brought us Red Bull Home Ground – first one in January and the second in November of the same year. This time, the events were held in Europe and featured way less teams with much higher prize pools reaching up to €60,000 EUR.

And of course, let’s not forget the Red Bull Campus Clutch. This was another Valorant esports tournament they hosted for students from over 50 countries and offered them a chance to compete in Valorant esports.

Red Bull has been involved in Valorant esports from the very beginning and they’re still here, continuing to support the scene. We’re glad they’ll be a part of Valorant Champions Tour again this year and we can’t wait to see what else they have prepared for us this time.

Strong Partnership

Riot Games puts in a lot of effort into Valorant esports, bringing quality entertainment for the fans and lucrative opportunities for the professional Valorant teams. With Red Bull on board for the second year, their job will be much easier and they’ll be able to deliver an even better show.

Riot Games said the following:

Red Bull will once again present the Clutch Moment for each match throughout the VCT EMEA 2022 season, which includes Challengers, Masters and of course, Champions. This will bring unforgettable moments and plays for the community. The energy drink producer will also enrich our broadcast, with the brand featuring in main advertising slots throughout the season.

Eva Suárez, Riot Games Sr. Manager Business Development and Partnerships, also added:

Last year, Red Bull helped bring some of the best moments from the VCT stage to our avid viewers watching from home through the Red Bull Clutch Moment, so we’re overjoyed to see them return for the 2022 EMEA season. Red Bull has a long, ingrained history with esports and has been supporting the ever-growing VALORANT scene ever since our First Strike tournament. This renewal only further solidifies their commitment to the staunch VALORANT community and we can’t wait to see what exciting plays we can bring to fans across Europe, Turkey and CIS.

The partnership between Riot Games and Red Bull looks rock solid, which is great news for the fans of Valorant esports. We’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll do this year, and we’re excited for all the Red Bull Clutch Moments.

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