Rekkles leaves Fnatic, reportedly signing with G2 Esport

Published: Nov 18, 2020 - Last Updated: Jul 25, 2023

With the bombshell news of Perkz finally walking away from the LEC, G2 Esports was on the hunt for a world-class ADC. Just two days before the FA window opened, it was announced that Rekkles would be testing his worth on the market.

While it seemed like Fnatic would keep the bulk of its roster together heading into 2021, their franchise player had other plans.

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In one fell swoop, G2 Esports has gone from a team missing its captain to a reforged League of Legends superpower yet again. This time, their ADC has been playing the role natively for a better part of the decade. It’s still a little early to say, but G2 Esports look once again like the most dominant force in Europe. 

Best for me, not for you

The 2020 offseason will forever go down as the year of free agency for League of Legends. Once it was rumored that Perkz was unsettled at his new post in G2, the sweepstakes for who would pick up the Croatian’s signature never stopped. Six realistic teams were considered for the switch before Cloud9 came out in front as the most financially prepared team to even sign such a commodity. 

For a moment, it looked like a straight swap for mid would occur with Perkz assuming his role at C9, while Nisqy would pick up mid lane at Fnatic. It was even mentioned that Rekkles was reportedly satisfied with Nisqy as the replacement for Nemesis, but that didn’t translate mean to him being on board for the entire ride. 

Fnatic win the EU LCS
Image Credits | Riot Games

Unsurprisingly, the best players in the League ecosystem always do what benefits them, not their team. This ‘best for me, not for you’ mentality has given rise to a number of changes throughout the years. The last time Rekkles left Fnatic, he endured a horrid time as a member of the former super team Alliance, who later rebranded into Elements. 

That team, which was captained by the previous ‘best mid in Europe’ Froggen, would eventually collapse and burn into oblivion. This time around, the conditions for success are far more in Rekkles’ favor due to the kind of team G2 has crafted.

In the meantime, Fnatic has been left to scramble desperately for a new ADC as they have no doubt been blindsided by this move. 

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