ReKTGlobal Joins Forces With TalentX To Form TalentX Gaming

Published: May 7, 2020

ReKTGlobal – one of the leading esports companies – and TalentX Entertainment have announced the start of a new joint venture, TalentX Gaming. The company hails itself as a talent management company “specifically built for gaming and esports athletes and streamers.”

The new joint venture aims to find, create, and nurture commercial opportunities for these athletes and streamers, creating a lucrative revenue stream for new figureheads. 

Both companies have seen huge levels of success in their relevant industries – and by partnering on this new joint venture they look set to cash-in on the growing esports and social media influencer markets.

A Major Opportunity For All Involved

Dave Bialek, the CEO and Co-founder of ReKTGlobal announced: “TalentX Gaming is the formation of a unique and dynamic talent management company, combining ReKTGlobal’s esports industry leading position and TalentX’s meteoric and unprecedented success with TikTok content creators. This partnership now affords gaming and esports influencers and athletes with unparalleled support, insights, and execution. TXG further cements ReKTGlobal as the most diversified and unequivocal leader in esports marketing.”

TalentX have achieved extensive success through their marketing efforts – most notably on TikTok, a popular new social media app. They already represent some of the app’s most prolific creators; names like Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson, Anthony Reeves, and Kio Cyr.

While TikTok itself is still itself trying to find its footing when it comes to monetization, it has hundreds of millions of monthly users, with billions of hours worth of content uploaded so far. It’s also one of the first social media sites to see popularity in all corners of the world – it has, for example, a significant presence in Asia alongside Europe.

About ReKTGlobal & TalentX

ReKTGlobal is a global esports organization that helps “bridge the gap between conventional sports and esports.” Founded in 2016, the company provides analysis and various solutions to businesses (both new and old) who are looking to enter the esports market. They have decades of combined experience and utilize some of the brightest minds in the industry. Combine this with state-of-the-art technology and partners all over the world, it’s not hard to see how ReKTGlobal has become a true market leader in esports.

TalentX (also known as TalentX Entertainment) is a global talent management and entertainment company that focuses largely on the “modern digital era”. This means that they help manage a number of popular social media creators and influencers, with notable names including Sydney Vezina, Ava Rose, Michael Gruen, and Chris Daniels. TalentX has extensive contacts that help influencers monetize their social media following. They specialize in TikTok, but also work with influencers on other platforms – including Instagram and Facebook.

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