Riot Games Could Change LCS Game Days in 2023

Posted on October 17, 2022

According to a report from Alejandro Gomis of, Riot Games could move LCS game days in 2023 to prevent conflicts with other Riot leagues and tournaments. This shift is focused on changing the LCS schedule which had been the same since 2013, the beginning of the league.

LCS fans are used to watching their favorite team compete on the rift on the weekends. It has been like that since the foundation of the league but it might change in the upcoming season.

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Changing the LCS Schedule

Alejandro Gomis of has reported that Riot Games reached out to LCS organizations to potentially move the games to Wednesday and Thursday evenings. However, nothing is official yet and Riot Games is still evaluating both possibilities as there is still time until the 2023 season starts. Even though the fans are used to weekend games, sometimes the schedule was occasionally shifted to Monday and Friday nights before. Moreover, some playoff games had also been played on Thursday nights. Even though it is still not the same, fans and players wouldn’t be total strangers to the new call.

LCS is one of the most famous LoL tournaments in the world. It holds a high-level competition between the best League of Legends players in the North American region. Many top-class players appeared on the LCS stage in history and more are to come in the upcoming years. These players had affected many games last split, resulting in both huge upsets and glories, in terms of LCS Summer betting.

Why is it Changing Now?

The change is mainly indicating that the weekends of the upcoming season will belong to Riot Games’ other title, VALORANT. The company decided to shift to the partnership method for the upcoming season just like the League of Legends tournaments. Ten organizations have been accepted to the tournament in each region and the Americas league welcomes teams from the north and south sides of America. If Riot Games takes LCS games to Wednesday and Thursday, then we will watch VALORANT games during weekends, most probably.

With this call, Riot Games will prevent conflicts or overlap for League of Legends and VALORANT games. They could still hold the VALORANT matches on the weekdays but the company is probably thinking of the best way to hold both tournaments, without losing any viewership and such. Both League of Legends and VALORANT have big audiences and it looks like Riot is aiming to keep them growing.

Keep in mind that there is no official announcement, at least yet. The company will eventually make an announcement in the upcoming weeks if the rumors are true. Looking at previous years, LCS has always started in January so it is expected to kick off in the same month once again. The matches will go underway in January and LoL betting for the North American audience will also start. In the meantime, Worlds 2022 is live right now with the best teams in the world, even though none of the North American representatives made it past the group stage.

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