Riot Games fines G2 Esports star for playing WoW Classic

Published: Sep 19, 2019

The publisher of League of Legends has fined the G2 esports organisation for the fact that one of their players was spotting playing World of Warcraft Classic. Riot Games issued a fine of $1.100 to G2 as a result of their top-laner Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen playing a MMORPG game that is published by Riot’s fiercest rivals, Blizzard Entertainment.

Details of the fine emerged on 13 September and it was declared as being a result of ‘commercial violation’. At the moment it is still unclear as to where Wunder was playing WoW Classic. Although it is suspected that the Danish gamer might have caused the violation in the middle of an LEC broadcast.

This is all the more embarrassing as if this was the case, then Wunder would have been playing a Blizzard game on a Riot PC during an official Riot broadcast. There was also another violation handed out by Riot Games for Rogue earlier in August during the LEC Summer Playoffs.


Wunder has already courted controversy in his gaming career. He was spotted earlier this summer using Microsoft Paint in the middle of a League of Legends European Championship game. Although he was just using the software to draw and write comments like ‘What is going on?’, it shows that Wunder wasn’t taking the game quite as seriously as Riot would have liked.

The Danish pro gamer has also taken to using All-Chat to joke about G2’s match against Fnatic in the middle of a game. As a result, it seems his playing of World of Warcraft Classic was too much for Riot Games to take.

Although the fine won’t have been welcomed by G2 Esports, they did at least see the funny side of the situation. G2 quickly responded on Twitter by stating that the fine finally gave them a decent excuse to remove World of Warcraft Classic from Wunder’s PC.


This will have given Blizzard Entertainment a nice bit of publicity for the roll-out of WoW Classic. The game has proven to be relentlessly popular since it came out at the end of August, and it quickly clocked up over one million viewers on Twitch.

In addition to this,  Activision Blizzard’s stock price grew by over five per cent. The fact that a LoL star like Wunder was spotted playing World of Warcraft Classic while being paid to play LoL will be humiliating for Riot Games.


Things will eventually have to get a little more serious for Wunder and G2 Esports. The esports organisation are due to start their League of Legends World Championship campaign at the start of October. G2 Esports are currently among the front-runners to win this massive gaming tournament, but they are up against some seriously tough competition this year.

This should mean that Wunder might have to put his enthusiasm for WoW Classic and Microsoft Paint to one side and concentrate on being the best in the world at League of Legends.

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