Riot Games launch Wild Rift esports in Brazil

Published: Jul 1, 2021

Riot Games are launching their League of Legends mobile gaming option Wild Rift, as an esport in Brazil.

The event

This esports event will consist of a season start tournament followed by the Wild Rift Tour. The event will conclude with a LAN final at the Riot Games headquarters in São Paulo.

The season start competition will be held in a single-elimination bracket following the format of Best-Of-Three semi-finals and Best-Of-Five finals. They have also partnered with the streaming service Nimo TV who will have the exclusive rights to the game broadcasts.

The season start tournament is only a two-day invitational event, the real fun begins with the Wild Rift tour. This is the first full-length competitive mobile MOBA esports tournament in Brazil and it will host four different open qualifiers in August and September. The teams that manage to get into the event will not only be competing for a spot at the final in São Paulo, they will also be in with a chance to get a slot in the inaugural Wild Rift World Championship 2021 which is slated to take place at the end of the year.

The Wild Rift Tour will have a combined prize pool of R$ 250,000 (about $50,200) and Riot Games will announce more details about their Wild Rift plans when the season start tournament begins on the 9th of July.

Riot Games launch Wild Rift esports in Brazil

Comment from the organisers

According to a post on the Brazilian Wild Rift website:

“We will have with us a special team of casters, influencers, and guests who are already stirring up the Wild Rift community to bring not only the dispute, but also lots of dedicated content for those who enjoy the game. We will also have raffles promoted by Nimo TV for champion chests and Wild Rift skins to celebrate this unique moment. To find out how the distribution procedure will work, just follow the platform’s official social networks!

And believe me: this is really just the first step of many experiences we’ll bring fans of the game throughout 2021. Below, we detail how the competitive season’s sequel to the end of this year will unfold.”

Wild Rift esports

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile version of the PC game League of Legends. Riot Games has some serious plans for the future of the game and the esport. They announced their plans back in January of this year. Their initial focus was on Southeast Asia. They are working with ESL Gaming to operate tournaments in Malaysia and Thailand. They have already begun operating events in the Philipines with their Icon series. Wild Rift will be represented in both men’s and women’s disciplines at the upcoming Southeast Asian Games. In fact, it will be the only esports title to have two separate events.

The game is already popular in Southeast Asia, it remains to be seen if it will work in Brazil, but if Riot Games history is anything to go by, it looks like there will be another major esport in the region.

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