Riot Games reveals League’s new AD carry champion – Zeri

Published: Jan 6, 2022

2022 might have just started, but Riot Games is already making big moves with the release of League of Legends’ newest champion, Zeri. The spark of Zaun will be the most recent addition to the marksman roster.

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Riot Games reveals League’s new AD carry champion - Zeri
Image Credits | Riot Games

Zeri will join the League of Legends Roster

League of Legends will be welcoming Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, to its expansive roster of champions. She will be League of Legends’ 158th champion. According to her official biography, Zeri was “raised in a large working-class family, grew up surrounded by warmth, care, and many strong opinions.

“From birth, Zeri had a unique relationship with electricity. Each giggle caught a spark—each cry, a shock. Magic wasn’t rare in Zaun, but Zeri’s electric charm was. It charged with her emotions, sometimes grounded, sometimes building to fierce and fiery. By her teenage years, her neighbors knew she was more likely the cause of power outages than a broken circuit. Life in Zaun was beautiful chaos, her grandma would say, and Zeri embodied that all too well.”

Being in the ADC role, Zeri will fighting in Summoner’s Rift with a super-charged rifle powered with her own electric powers. Her powers also mirror her emotions, and as a deeply compassionate person, “Zeri carries the love of her family and her home into every fight.”

Zeri was previously teased in League’s Arcane trailer

The Spark of Zaun was previously teased on Arcane’s Netflix trailer, further building up the hype for the upcoming season. A few days after the start of 2022, Riot Games dropped their first big news, revealing small details relating to the MOBA’s upcoming marksman. At the same time, Riot also teased some of the changes that will be done to the ecosystem for 2022.

In her biography, Ekko was mentioned as one of the related champions to Zeri. No further details were found, so it’s still unknown how these two will intersect in the region’s lore at this time. If there will be an event centered around Ekko, however, we will likely see Zeri being included. This might hint that she could be an important part of Arcane season 2, or at least a part of Ekko’s life in Zaun.

In her own biography, Zeri ended up facing an incident that would change her life. One day, uncontrolled underground excavations funded by chem-barons caused an earthquake in Zaun that collapsed several buildings and trapped civilians inside. She tried to save and help as many people as she could using her powers, but she realized that she couldn’t deal with it on her own. She knew she had to stop the chem-barons directly if she wanted to save everyone. Despite being a one-man army, Zeri fought back against the chem-barons. From that incident onwards, Zeri protects the weak from the chem-barons with her own rifle and utilizes her powers as ammunition.

There’s no confirmed date on when Zeri will be released yet, but her kit should be revealed sometime in the next few days, as she will become available to play in the full game a couple of weeks later.

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