Riot Games tease new first-person shooter – Project A

Published: Oct 16, 2019 - Last Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Project A is the working title of a brand new game from Riot Games. The developer behind the esports sensation League of Legends revealed a video teaser for the game that looks to be the first Riot Games release outside of the LoL universe.

The announcement was made midway through Riot Games’ League of Legends 10th Anniversary livestream. Although details about Project A are still very scarce, if it manages to do half as well as LoL, it could be one of the next big esports breakthroughs.

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Riot Games is currently in the early stages of development of Project A. The game is expected to be a character-based first-person shooter, and looks to be placed somewhere between esports betting hits like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch.

No release date for Project A has been set yet, and Riot Games have said that more details should emerge next year. But the tactical shooter will be a PC release and it will have nothing to do with League of Legends. A statement from Riot Games has said that Project A will be set in a ‘beautiful near-future Earth’.

In terms of gameplay, Riot Games have promised ‘a lethal cast of characters, each with unique abilities that create tactical opportunities for their gunplay to shine.’ Early impressions from the teaser Project A video show a range of fighting scenes with different weapons being used to take down enemies. Some weaponry includes eerie green glowing material unlike anything we’ve seen in a first-person shooter.

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Riot Games is clearly keen to take its time on getting Project A right. The game developer have created a new team who are going to focus on the new tactical first-person shooter. The game will reportedly be ‘going dark’ for a sustained period while Riot Games ensure that they get it right.

One interesting aspect of Project A is the fact that Riot Games say that it will hoping to overcome problems of cheating and latency that have blighted other first-person shooters in the past. Project A promises to eliminate annoying first-person shooter issues like ‘peaker’s advantage’ where high latency means that one player is able to see their opponent first due to low network speeds.

The game’s executive producer Anna Donlon said that they will ‘put anti-cheat at the forefront of our development,’ and it’s hoped that this will ‘preserve the integrity of your matches’. The use of the word ‘matches’ in this statement almost certainly opens up Project A to the world of competitive gaming.

While Riot Games’ battle arena title League of Legends is the world’s biggest esport, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has never been too far behind. As a result, Riot Games’ plans to bring their own first-person shooter to the table hints at a very exciting future for the global esports industry.

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