Riot Games Addresses MSI 2022 Latency Issues

Published: May 14, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Royal Never Give Up had to participate in MSI 2022 remotely and compete from their hometown. Riot Games used a special latency tool to maintain a stable ping both for the players in Busan and China. However, some professional players explained their discomfort regarding latency issues. According to Riot Games’ announcement, the problem was confirmed and the company came to the conclusion that RNG’s first three games of the group stage would be replayed.

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Solving the Latency Issues

COVID-19 has affected every ecosystem including esports and even after two years, we still face the difficulties of it every now and then. To solve the travel issues that the LPL Champions would face, Riot Games created a special system where the ping between China and Busan Esports arena at or near 35 milliseconds. However, many players complained of latency issues that affected their gameplay, including Evil Geniuses’ Vulcan and Danny. According to Riot Games’ announcement, the Latency Tool was not calculating and displaying the correct ping value for players at the venue and players’ warnings led the investigation to focus on manual debugging methods to solve the issue.

As announced, Riot has made significant configuration changes to fix the issue and reduce the ping for better and fair competition. The new configuration changes affected today’s games. It looks like the issues have been solved and we will not hear further updates. Riot has put effort into welcoming RNG despite all the restrictions by deploying referee support and monitoring throughout the tournament in both Korea and China.

Additionally, because this issue specifically affected teams playing from Busan, the matches involving RNG were held with an unintended disparity in latency between competing teams. As a result, we have determined it is in the best interest of competitive integrity to replay all three of these matches.” said Alex François, the Global Head of Competitive Operations, Riot Games.

RNG Still Undefeated

This issue has also affected MSI 2022 betting results. As all three matches will be replayed, there are different esports betting companies taking different actions. The first three games of Royal Never Give Up means almost half of Group B games. RNG faced İstanbul Wildcats, PSG Talon, and RED Canids in these past matches and won all three of them without facing any difficulties.

They have also shown dominance and proved once again that they are one of the biggest contenders, outside of T1 and G2 Esports.

The latency issue has created an undesirable advantage for the Chinese team and PSG Talon, İstanbul Wildcats, and RED Canids were the disadvantaged sides of the matches. Most of the fans thought that it would not matter even if the sides were vice-versa and it got real today as Royal Never Give Up won all their replayed games. Just like the first three games, RNG showed dominance and showed no mercy against their opponents. The LPL Champions are one of the favorites of the tournament and other teams in Group B are nowhere near their level. The real competition for the Chinese team will start soon, in the Rumble Stage.

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