Riot Plans to Revamp LoL’s Current Systems

Published: Sep 30, 2022 - Last Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The item builds almost entirely changed after Riot Games introduced the Mythic items and now the company has plans on revamping the system ahead of the upcoming season. The new changes will be clear in the preseason as that is the best time of the year to try new things and get players’ feedback.

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The Problem With LoL Items

Mythic items came to the game last season and some of the item build paths changed according to the new system. On the other hand, the item build process almost entirely changed. Players could only buy one mythic item and Riot Games decided on those items before the previous season. On top of the new item system, the company had also introduced many new items before and during the season. Some of the mechanics changed according to this news.

“BORK fills a missing niche in Mythics for squishy AD+AS fighter and it’s not a problem if many champs build BORK, (esp if not statistically optimal on a BROAD set of champs you wouldn’t expect). Any item has optimal users, it’s normal for any item and isn’t a reason for nerf. Long term, some combination of adding more Mythics for different styles of champions/playstyles, lowering the requirement to always build Mythics first (while still featuring in final build) and moving more non-Mythics into first item space are all viable options moving forward.” said, Matt Leung Harrison, the lead designer of League of Legends, in a Twitter flood.

Harrison started a Tweet flood, giving information on the upcoming patch of League of Legends, Patch 12.19. He stated that some champions lacked mythic items and proper build paths, which took them away from reaching their power spike or making them hard to understand. This matter affects the meta directly and some champions can’t find a place in it due to it. The dev team is now working on it and they are going to revamp the mythic item builds and even give the option to buy the mythic item as a first item. As he mentioned, it is a long-term project and needs some time before we see it on the rift. They are currently working to improve the system to fix the issues.

New Patch Changes

He also gave information on the upcoming League of Legends patch, Patch 12.19 and some champions are getting buffed and some are getting nerfed. The new patch will not affect one of the biggest LoL tournaments in history, Worlds 2022, so there won’t be any differences in the meta, this is especially a piece of great news for the LoL betting people! Nothing will change regarding the team levels in the upcoming days of the tournament.

The new season will bring more than just the gameplay differences. Players will also meet new champions and skins as we get closer to it. We might meet some of the top LoL skins of all time but there is still time for Riot to reveal them. For now, only the gameplay information that is given by the company employees is what we have.

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