Riot Reveals EU Masters Spring 2022

Published: Mar 14, 2022

Riot Games has revealed the details of the upcoming 2022 Spring European (EU) Masters, as the best teams from each European Regional League will participate. Let’s see what the schedule is like for the most competitive tournament in Europe after the LEC.

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Image Credits | Riot Games

Riot reveals EU Masters Spring 2022 schedule

The EU Masters Spring 2022 will feature the top teams from across the European Regional Leagues (ERL) and will compete in an online tournament starting 4th April.

The competition will have a total of 28 European teams: 12 will automatically qualify for the Group Stage, with the remaining 16 teams fighting in the Play-in Stages in groups of four. The first stage will be from the 4th to the 7th of April, as teams will take part in a double round-robin. The best two teams from each group will then advance to the Play-In Knockout Stage.

The four winners from the knockout stage will earn their place in the group stage, where they will once again compete in a double round-robin. Two squads will emerge from every group and continue fighting in a single-elimination playoff bracket, where teams will face each other in best-of-five series. At that point, the winners of playoffs will become the EU Masters 2022 Spring Champions.

Below you can find the full schedule for the event, starting from the Play-ins stage:

EU Masters Spring Group Stage Slots for each ERL

With the announcement, Riot Games also confirmed the slot list for each European Regional League for the event. Just like every major tournament in League of Legends, the best regions are awarded more slots. Coming into 2022, the best performing ERLs are the LFL (French League), Ultraliga (Polish League) and Prime League (German League).

Here is the complete list for each league in this EU Masters Spring 2022:

With most regions are still playing their respective spring splits and playoffs, we will need to wait a little more to know which teams will be in groups and who will play in the play-ins stage. Nonetheless, EUM will surely be as exciting as it has always been, especially with how ERLs’ competition has been rising in the last few years. Make sure to catch all the action next month when the competition kicks off on April 4th.

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