Rivalry Announces New Website Upgrades And Partnership Deal

Published: Sep 20, 2021

It has been a busy time for Rivalry Sportsbook. The popular esports betting site made the news last month with the release of its exciting new esports-friendly casino racing game, Rushlane, as well as their CEO Steven Salz giving us a chance of a one-on-one interview about the future of his company and the esports industry in general.

However, the innovative new ideas at Rivalry Sportsbook, did not stop there.

That’s because last week the company announced a raft of improvements and upgrades to its site, a list of some further changes to expect over the coming weeks and months and also an exciting new partnership with a top Brazilian esports team.

New Rivalry Website Upgrades

There is no doubt that the news that will have most impact on those who enjoy esports betting with Rivalry, is the major upgrades that have been introduced on the site over the last week or so.

In their blog post announcing the news, Rivalry said that it had spent the last few months “listening closely to your feedback and suggestions,” and that they had used that information to “completely rebuild our site from the ground up to create a betting experience centered around you, the player.”

The most requested feature from fans of the site was for it to have a dark mode for them to use and that was indeed one of the major enhancements announced by the company last week. Or as they put it “No more getting flashbanged every time you want to check one of your bets. So turn the lights down low, lean back in your chair, and embrace the darkness.”


Upgrades To Site Mechanics

The site has also received some major upgrades to its mechanics all of which will make the user experience far more positive.

The search engine on the site has undergone a major overhaul and is now not only faster, but it will be far more likely to bring you the bets and markets that you want to follow based on the search terms you use. You can even use team names, game names, or specific tournament names to bring up your markets much more quickly.

The addition of a Popular tab will also be a boon to punters that like to see what other bettors have been backing that day. Under this tab, the bets and markets that have been seeing the most money wagered will be listed and you will be able to place bets on these markets too.

In addition, another key upgrade that has been implemented is a much better In-Play betting service which means that there will be fewer ‘locked’ games and markets than previously. These tweaks mean that players will be able to bet In-Play for longer on individual events, as well as cutting down the number of events that are locked at any one time.


More Features On The Horizon

In addition to this, Rivalry has announced that it is also working on a number of other features set to be rolled out over the coming weeks. They include:

All in all, it does promise to be a major overhaul of the site, and one that may well prompt us to give the site a re-evaluation once the changes have been completed.

However, that wasn’t the only big news at Rivalry this week as on the same day as the website news was announced, the company also revealed details of a two-year sponsorship deal with 00 Nation to sponsor their 00 Brasil CS:GO team.

The team will wear Rivalry-branded kits and the deal also sees the two parties reciprocate in a number of content and media campaigns, as well as offering the chance to gain exposure on each others physical and digital services.

It is certainly an exciting time for Rivalry esports betting, its customers and its continued evolution as a popular esports site around the world.

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