Rivalry Appoints Liam Doherty As VP Of Marketing

Published: Jan 18, 2022

2021 was a very good year for Rivalry. The sports and esports betting site enjoyed sustained growth throughout the year, leading to its best year of trading and putting the business on a firm footing for growth in the year to come.

Back in October, the company successfully floated on the TSX Venture Exchange, becoming a publicly listed company. With its betting business also thriving (you can check out how well the site is rated in our Rivalry review) the company was well set for another impressive year in 2022.

Indeed, CEO Steven Salz, in his letter to shareholders earlier in January, revealed that the company had never been in better shape and that it had ambitious plans moving forward.

Therefore, it is perhaps not surprising that finding someone to lead its marketing campaign throughout 2022 and beyond was a key consideration for the company and Rivalry announced that they have employed Liam Doherty to fill that important role.

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Who Is Liam Doherty?

Liam Doherty is a highly-regarded name in the marketing and advertising industry, his reputation stemming from designing and delivering a number of award-winning marketing campaigns for a number of large brands.

He has previously worked for the likes of Pizza Hut, Adidas, Nike, Popeyes and search engine giant Google.

It is this cross-market knowledge allied to his multiple-platform approach to marketing and advertising that will play a key role for Rivalry, especially with imminent expansions for the company set to come in Australia and the Canadian province of Ontario.

With CEO Salz also confirming that the company was seeking to expand into other markets in 2022, and with a pledge to improve content and to enhance their social media profile, it is likely that Mr Doherty will play a key role in these areas of development too.

What Will Be Mr Doherty’s Aims For Rival In 2022?

In his role as VP of marketing, Doherty will be leading the company’s marketing campaigns which will have a global focus and which will also align with the business objectives stated by Steven Salz in his letter in early January.

One aspect of the marketing strategy that Doherty will be keen to develop further is cross-department collaboration across multiple platforms, ensuring that the Rivalry message is clear, unanimous and harmonious.

Furthermore, given his past experience in the industry and based on what CEO Salz commented when revealing the news, Doherty will be playing an important role in the company henceforth.

Liam joining Rivalry represents a step function change in the calibre at which we will be executing from here on out in terms of brand, marketing and campaigns.

His experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world from Old Spice to Popeyes to Adidas, and the style of his approach, is a perfect match for us, and what is needed to take Rivalry’s global presence to the next level.

It should be a signal for what 2022 is going to look like from us, which will make our last few years of operation seem like a light warm up.

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