Rivalry Launches Mobile Esports Betting Markets

Published: Mar 24, 2022

With all of the gusto of a game-changing announcement, top betting platform Rivalry has revealed the launch of mobile esports betting markets on its platforms. In recent months, senior operatives at Rivalry have worked to identify the increasing value in the mobile esports space. Now, making a decisive move to take advantage of that value, the Rivalry betting markets will be expanded to cater for the mobile esports vertical.

For those knee-deep in the space, this makes for a fantastic revelation, as mobile esports have been coming up in recent years. However, for some, mobile esports lack the ‘validity’ that desktop or console-based esports inherently boasts. With a top-tier betting operator like Rivalry now backing some of the most popular mobile esports titles in the business, the market now moves closer to aligning with the traditional esports space.

Is Mobile Esports Really Any Different?


In the last few years, mobile esports has exploded in popularity. This expansion has been mostly driven by the accessibility of mobile games, particularly free-to-play titles like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, and Fortnite. This was a subject explored by CEO and Co-Founder of Rivalry, Steven Salz, in a statement:

Not everyone has a desktop computer capable of playing top games, or a console at home, but nearly everyone now has a mobile phone. This makes the global ecosystem for mobile gaming incredibly deep and exciting. We think the future is massive for this platform.

Within the last year or two, esports betting has grown immeasurably in popularity. In 2020, it was revealed by the UK Gambling Commission that esports betting had seen a year-on-year increase of a whopping 2992% overall. With more top-tier tournaments taking place than ever before, the world of esports is rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations for bettors of any kind.

Now, Rivalry seeks to introduce further growth to the industry by backing the ability to bet on mobile esports tournaments. These competitions are certainly seen as more of a niche topic, but there’s definitely an audience out there for them. Currently, there are several high-profile esports events that boast multi-million-dollar prize pools, pulling in players from all around the world.

As the mobile esports offerings roll out from Rivalry, they’ll focus on the likes of Mobile Legends, League of Legends Wild Rift, CODM, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire. If you’re a fan of esports betting, don’t hesitate to check out the opportunities presented by mobile esports betting.

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