Rivalry Teams Up With MoonduckTV To Host TI9 Viewing Parties

Posted on August 20, 2019 - Last Updated on October 6, 2022

The International 2019 finally kicked off today in Shanghai.

While the opening ceremony was a little messy, it promises to be yet another thrilling installment of top-level Dota 2 esports. That said, China hosting TI9 might mean some viewers in Europe and North America need to adopt fairly unsocial hours to watch the live action.

But the esports betting site Rivalry has partnered up with MoonduckTV to give Dota 2 fans a great way to watch the gaming. The partnership will be putting on what’s known as the Jungle Jam in the Colorado city of Denver for the duration of the esports tournament.

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What is Jungle Jam?

The Jungle Jam is excepted to be attended by hundreds of avid gamers. Specialist casters and analysts will guide them through the action. And MoonduckTV will delay its coverage so that the audience can watch the Dota 2 action at a reasonable hour.

Logistically, the Jungle Jam will feature action from The International 2019 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. each day from Aug. 20-23. In addition, look for special coverage of the “overnight lock-in.” This will feature a live broadcast direct from China.

Tickets are reasonably priced for the Jungle Jam with a daily pass costing $15. Then, the full-week pass will set you back $40. If watching the live Dota 2 action wasn’t enough, then the Jungle Jam will feature PCs and virtual reality systems for rent.

And what’s MoonduckTV?

MoonduckTV has already won plenty of praise for its live coverage of Dota 2 competitions. Their team offers expert commentary, hosting, and play-by-play analysis.

The brand has previously partnered with a wide range of companies. These range from gaming firms like Valve, DreamHack, and Twitch, all the way through to energy drink companies like Red Bull and even the Kennedy Space Center.

But by teaming up with Rivalry, MoonduckTV hopes to benefit from an esports betting brand with plenty of experience covering esports tournaments like The International. Rivalry previously sponsored Fnatic in The International 2018. Plus, it hosted its own branded tournament: the Rivalry CIS Invitational for CS:GO.

While most gamers in Europe will be happy to get up early to watch the action in Shanghai, the fact that Rivalry and MoonduckTV are willing to do something different is commendable. For too long, gaming has been a solitary affair. But with thousands of people packing into the MercedesBenz Arena in Shanghai and the Jungle Jam in Denver, TI9 is really bringing people together.

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