Rivalry releases new casino game for the esports audience

Published: Aug 10, 2021

Rivalry, the sports and esports betting site has just debuted their very own massively multiplayer online gambling game (MMOGG). That might sound a bit crazy, but it looks like the next big thing for esports betting and gambling.


The new gambling game is called Rushlane. It was developed in-house at Rivalry and is aimed at a younger, esports-focused audience. They want to emulate the experience of playing a multiplayer game or interacting with a Twitch stream.

Rushlane is a cyberpunk-themed racing game that wants to combine the social interactions of an MMO, with the graphics of a modern AAA game, and the mechanics of a casino game. You can access Rushlane through Rivalry’s website and instantly play with thousands of gamers across the globe.


The game

Rushlane is an automated racing game that pits up to 24 real players against one another to win real money. All you need to do is stake towards the prize pool to join the race. The top players to finish each race win a portion of the pool.

Each race of Rushlane lasts around 2 minutes. Races run continuously, with each new race starting as soon as the previous one ends when at least 3 players have bought in.


If you want to brag about your win or just chat with some folks, you can interact through real-time chat with other players or viewers. The games are also streamed online so other people can just view the races and join in on the fun.

This is a whole new way to enjoy online casino games and it is certainly not something that you would expect to see in some of the more traditional online sportsbooks. Rivalry have always been known for their focus on innovation and this is no exception. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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