Rivalry Launches New Online Casino Product in Ontario

Published: Mar 22, 2023

Under 12 months from the release of its first in-house casino title being released, Rivalry has launched its own casino platform in its home state of Ontario.

Alongside the release of the new casino platform, called Casino.exe, the company has also announced that the release will feature eight new games on the platform.

These games will feature alongside many of the casino games already released by Rivalry over the past year or so, including its very first release, the popular Aviator game.

Additional Casino.exe development announced in January

The company mentioned that they had undertaken further development of Casino.exe, in a Rivalry business update that was released in January 2023.

On the back of that update, industry analysts had been expecting Rivalry to make a significant move into the casino gaming market, it was just a matter of where and when.

Now the answer to both those questions is known and it isn’t too surprising that it is the business’ home state of Ontario where its customers will get to try the new product first.

Rivalry launches Casino.exe Product Launch

Image courtesy of Rivalry

“Catalyst for our business”

Speaking about the launch, the CEO of Rivalry, and its co-founder, Steven Salz remarked:

“Launching our casino experience with a proven product that we’ve validated in our other markets is an exciting next step as we continue to grow our reach and offering in Ontario.

“Casino.exe has been a catalyst for our business and a meaningful addition for our users, delivering a premium, interactive and proprietary experience that differentiates our brand in a competitive market.”

The new platform has been designed to offer a unique gaming experience for Rivalry customers, serving as a focal point for its in-house games.

The site is already a major player in the Ontario esports betting scene.

However, Rivalry have not stopped there, adding a number of more traditional table games and live dealer game offerings on the platform too.

30% of bets and 15% of revenue

Figures released by Rivalry make promising reading for the new platform, with the Casino operation generating around 30% of the company’s total betting handle, which made up around 15% of the company’s revenue in the third quarter of 2022.

Mr Salz continued:

“We’ve taken a strategic approach to casino that prioritises design, user-experience and the selective curation of games geared for a targeted audience of next-generation users.

“Rivalry continues to find business-defining strength through product innovation, investing in a unique user experience and engineering entertainment into our platform.”

With the release of the dedicated casino platform in Ontario, and a potential rollout into other areas around the world, those promising figures should continue to grow for the company.

Additionally, Rivalry is planning to develop a mobile app for Ontarians to use, which they hope will make its games and offerings more widely available in the province.

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