RLCS EU Spring Invitational 2023 Betting Insights: Odds & Predictions

Posted on June 8, 2023

As the third tournament for this split, the RLCS EU Spring Invitational 2023 is the last step before the Major for the region. Accordingly, in this RLCS EU Spring Invitational 2023 betting insights article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Rocket League odds for this highly anticipated event!

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RLCS EU Spring Invitational 2023 Betting Insights – Format and Schedule

The twelfth season of the Rocket League Champoinship Series this season was split into three splits of competition as follows:

  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Spring

Moreover, each Split has involved three regional Rocket League tournaments, giving teams the opportunity to earn points and prize, seeding into the Split Major:

  • Open
  • Cup
  • Invitational

In this final event, the RLCS EU Spring Invitational 2023 features the top 16 teams from the region. Specifically, the $100,000 online event is the final chance for teams to progress to the Spring Major – ideal for Rocket League betting.

With the entire competition seeded into a double elimination bracket, taking place between 9th June and 11th June, we’ll be previewing only a few selected esports betting opportunities as listed below:

9th June  Upper Bracket Round 1

  • Oxygen Esports vs Luna Galaxy (17:00 CEST)
  • Team G1 vs suhhh (17:00 CEST)
  • Moist Esports vs Hogan Mode (17:00 CEST)

Providing us esports betting odds for each match-up, BC.Game is the esports betting platform we’ll be using for our betting insights. If you’d like to learn more about BC.Game, feel free to check out our very own BC.Game review!

RLCS EU Spring Invitational Betting Insights

Oxygen Esports vs Luna Galaxy

In this opening match. Oxygen Esports has seemingly been gifted an easy first round match-up.

Citing results from the EU Spring Cup, Oxygen Esports managed to place 5-6th. On the other hand, Luna Galaxy only managed to place last with a 13-16th place finish.

Bearing this in mind, as evident in the Rocket League odds, Oxygen Esports is heavily favoured here.

  • Predictions: Oxygen Esports (3-0) Luna Galaxy
  • Odds: Oxygen Esports Outright Win (1.17), Luna Galaxy Outright Win (4.4)
  • Betting Site: BC.Game

RLCS EU Spring Invitational 2023 Betting Insights

Team G1 vs suhhh

Meanwhile, this next match features two teams that placed very close to one another at the EU Spring Cup. Specifically, both suhhh and Team G1 placed 9-12th at the most recent regional.

Yet, in this particular match up, it seems bookmakers are placing more value in the fact that Team G1 had a tougher road at that regional event. In addition, their team is respected to have a stronger roster.

However, this match is certainly up for grabs – a great esports betting opportunity.

  • Predictions: Team G1 (3-2) suhhh
  • Odds: Team G1 Outright Win (1.45), suhhh Outright Win (2.6)
  • Betting Site: BC.Game

Moist Esports vs Hogan Mode

Respected as one of the top teams in Europe, Moist Esports is kicking off the RLCS EU Spring Invitational with a heavily favoured match-up against Hogan Mode.

Facing them is Hogan Mode, a team which renamed back in April and managed to clench the final spot in the point rankings to enter this regional match. However, the amateurs on this team are no match for Moist Esports as outlined by the esports odds.

  • Predictions: Moist Esports (3-1) Hogan Mode
  • Odds: Moist Esports Outright Win (1.22), Hogan Mode Outright Win (3.88)
  • Betting Site: BC.Game

Image Credits: Psyonix

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