RNG Advance to Rumble Stage

Published: May 16, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Despite replaying their last three games, RNG continued to dominate the group stage of MSI 2022 and advanced to the Rumble Stage without a single loss. The Chinese representative will have tougher opponents as only the first two seeded teams are allowed in the upcoming stage.

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Still Undefeated

The Royal Never Give Up dynasty conquered China as the organization won the LPL trophy once again. One of China’s most-known esports organizations of all time, almost no one had a single doubt about their performance during groups and they have proved their worth. With Xiaohu going back to mid-lane and the arrival of Bin, RNG looked unstoppable, especially during LPL Playoffs. They have continued to dominate the scene even on the international stage and closed out the group phase by winning all six of their matches. This year, all the MSI Group Stages first-seeders have won all their games and RNG is also one of them.

Before coming into MSI, Royal Never Give Up didn’t have the biggest impact during the LPL Regular Season. Apparently, they waited until the playoffs to show their true strength and beat Top Esports with a score of 3-2. As a result, they got a ticket to Busan, South Korea to compete against the other regional champions.

RNG’s first test was against the Turkish team, İstanbul Wildcats (a.k.a. fastPay Wildcats). The competition started with China’s dominance and concluded in the same way. It was an easy win for the side of Royal Never Give Up and also a great start to the tournament. Secondly, they faced the Brazilian team of the tournament, RED Canids. Even easier than the first match, Royal Never Give Up demolished the enemy Nexus only in 20 minutes and gave 3 kills while taking 19. However, it was known that their biggest opponent in the group was PSG Talon. The PCS team showed more resistance than Brazilians and Turks but still fell short in the end.

RNG MSI 2022 win
Image Credits | RNG

Latency Issues Resolved

The last three matches of RNG were replayed due to latency issues. The Chinese team had won all the games before the replays and managed to catch the same success after the replays. On paper, RNG has won six games before reaching the Rumble Stage but they actually won nine because of the replays.

Out of all the Mid-Season Invitational betting scenarios, RNG had the lowest odds as expected and they didn’t upset the fans who had trust in them. However, the Rumble Stage will be different as they will face much tougher opponents. T1 and G2 Esports are the other favorites of the tournament and the trio will be facing each other in the upcoming days. Fans are concentrating on much easier games for RNG that they will have against Evil Geniuses, PSG Talon, and Saigon Buffalo. Esports betting odds are rising as almost every team has a chance against each other. It will be tougher than before to guess the winners in the MSI 2022 Rumble Stage. As all the first-seeders haven’t seen any loss yet, it will be fun to watch them compete against each other!

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