RNG Defeats T1 in MSI 2022 Grand Final, Successfully Defending their Title

Published: May 31, 2022 - Last Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The Chinese representatives, RNG, have taken down the well-known South Korean team, T1, in the MSI 2022 Grand Final and took home the prize.

Just like every League of Legends fan wished, the MSI 2022 Grand Final was very close until the very last match. We heard the Silver Scrapes song as T1 managed to stay within the series even though RNG’s consistent lead. Finally, the Chinese representatives took down T1 in a 5-game blood bath and won the MSI trophy for the third time in history, breaking the record in the field.

Moreover, they are now the second back-to-back MSI Champions which ties another record.

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A Perfect Run

RNG had a perfect run in the first stage of their MSI 2022 journey. The Chinese team won all the games and went undefeated to qualify for the Rumble Stage. Royal Never Give Up’s Group Stage opponents were PSG Talon, RED Canids, and İstanbul Wildcats and none of the teams are at the level of the Chinese giants. However, RNG players had a disastrous start to the Rumble Stage but managed to make a great comeback to finish on top with 8 wins and 2 losses. As a result, RNG’s MSI Knockout Stage spot was confirmed. During their Rumble Stage run, RNG made some surprises that directly affected Mid-Season Invitational betting but they also won most of their games.

After sweeping Evil Geniuses in the Semi-Finals, the LPL representatives faced T1 in the Grand Final. Before the game, there were many different opinions regarding the result. Keeping in mind that MSI is the second biggest tournament in the League of Legends scene, it also has a huge community regarding esports betting.

RNG’s Dominant Performance

It was a very close series in the end but it started with a dominant performance from RNG. Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin’s incredible Gwen performance gifted them the first game as he went 13/0/3 with the champion in his hands. RNG’s chemistry looked much better and they implemented the “fiesta fighting” style to the game so well that T1 couldn’t keep up. Secondly, the scenario was exactly the opposite. T1’s one-sided victory tied the series and Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong had a great performance on Jinx. With this win, T1 made it clear that the series was going to be closer than everyone thought.

RNG won the third game with over 10k gold difference and this time the jungler, Yan “Wei” Tang-Wei was the MVP for sure. He had a marvelous Viego performance which demolished T1’s hopes during the early stages. T1 caught RNG once again and forced another game in the series by winning the fourth match. Interestingly, every game was totally one-sided and T1 only gave 3 kills in the fourth game in 30 minutes. One of the best players in the world, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok picked one of his notable champions, Leblanc, and kept his team in the series with a great performance. Finally, RNG stopped the cat-mouse game with dominant fifth game performance and lifted the trophy.

Wei won the MVP award and RNG is now the only team with 3 MSI titles. They are also one of the biggest favorites for the LPL 2022 Summer Split title which will begin soon.

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