Rock In Rio Features Dedicated Esports Arena

Published: Sep 5, 2022

Rock In Rio 2022 has become the first music festival to host its own dedicated esports Arena.

The festival runs from the 2nd September through to the 11th September inclusive and it boasts an expansive list of esports tournaments that will be showcased at the arena alongside the myriad of musical stars performing across the ten days.

It is the first time that a world-renowned music festival has had a dedicated major esports venue, as well as showcasing a large number of tournaments, in addition to its playlist of popular music stars.

Image Credits | Rock in Rio

“We Innovate Again”

Speaking about the addition of a dedicated esports games venue to the festival, the CEO of Rock in Rio, Luis Justo said in a Press Release:

“Knowing the power of [the esports] market, since 2017 Rock in Rio has a special look at this universe.”

“The very first time we bet on an arena dedicated to electronic games, we attracted over 360,000 people to the place.”

“In 2022, we innovate again and expand the GamePlay Arena activations even further.”

What this means is that alongside musical stars such as Coldplay, Iron Maiden, Dua Lipa, Green Day, Justin Bieber, Bullet For My Valentine, Billy Idol, Rita Ora, Camila Cabello, Post Malone, Demi Lovato and CeeLo Green, there will also be a selection of high level esports tournaments to enjoy.

And that makes this a first for the esports industry, which already enjoys close ties with many elements of the music industry.

Warner Bros. Kicks Off The Esports Event

The esports arena began with a promotion from Warner Bros. for its Games’ MultiVersus promotion, which allowed the attendees a chance to play the title.

Then followed Ubisoft’s famous Just Dance title, which was next to be activated on the main stage.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given that the festival is in Brazil, the first major esports event on the first and into the second day was a Konami eFootball tournament, e-Brasilerao PRO, which was promoted in partnership with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

Following that on the 4th September, DJ Alok organised a Free Fire tournament, which featured a number of top teams from the professional scenes.

However, the action comes thick and fast over the next weekend, starting with the semi-finals and finals of the Counter-Strike CBCS 1XBET Masters across the 8th and 9th September.

Image Credits | Esports Insider

There will also be a League of Legends tournament in the shape of the Wild Rift Showdown – Rock In Rio Edition, that will see two big Brazilian League of Legends teams, Liberty and Vivo Keyd face off.

Hot on the heels of this will follow another CS:GO tournament , this time organised by popular Brazilian streamer Alexander “Gaules” Borba. This event is named the Tribo Cup.

Then to round things off in style, the last day of the festival will feature a VALORANT GameChangers Showdown match to be contested between MIBR and Gamelanders Purple.

What is exciting about this move is that it gives an audience a new option when it comes to how to watch esports. There’s streaming, there’s attending esports events, and now you can even tune in to top esports tournaments at Music Festivals too.

MIBR Prominent

MIBR members will also be part of a panel in partnership with the Brazilian education institute Senac to promote esports to those in attendance and answer some of the questions people may have about the industry.

Hot topics will include looking at the careers available for women in esports, largely in conjunction with MIBR’s release of its career platform WIBR.

With guest appearances on stage from esports stars, casters, esports journalists as well as DJs and much more, the festival promises to be a huge hit both for music fans and esports lovers.

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