Russ Leaves TENSTAR

Published: Nov 16, 2021

TENSTAR have just announced the departure of Russel “Russ” Mendes, who was with the team for the past six months. Russ was part of the original Tarren Mill lineup that was signed by TENSTAR on May 24th, 2021. The remaining four members of said lineup are still a part of the current team and include Br0die, stanley, KRAY, and polvi.

Russ was removed from the team after TENSTAR decided that it would be mutually beneficial for both parties. Russ is now a free agent, and as such, he’ll be able to seek other opportunities in Valorant.

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The Success of TENSTAR

TENSTAR is a British esports organisation that’s been steadily climbing the ranks in Valorant esports. Even though they’ve barely dipped their toes into the waters of esports, at least compared to some other veteran esports organisations, they’ve achieved some incredible results over this past year in Valorant.

The last tournament they appeared in was the Red Bull Home Ground #2 where the team finished 4th. They didn’t get much spotlight in the Valorant Champions Tour, except the VCT 2021: Europe Stage 3 Challengers 2 where they also finished 4th.

Where they truly shined was during the LVP – Rising Series. In both LVP – Rising Series #3 and LVP – Rising Series #4, TENSTAR finished 2nd. However, they buckled under pressure in the final LVP – Rising Series – Finale and finished 5th-8th without securing a single map.

The team has a lot of promise, which the results clearly show, but they simply miss that last piece of the puzzle that will allow them to climb to the top. While the main team is still looking for that victory in Valorant Champions Tour, the women’s Valorant squad TENSTAR Nova is dominating the VCT EMEA Game Changers series.

What Happens to Russ Now?

This is the reality of Valorant – one day you’re part of the team, and the next you’re out of the door and looking for a different opportunity. It can be difficult for some players, but ultimately, it’s an opportunity to grow as a player.

This is the situation Russ is in right now. He’s been separated from his old team and will have to find a different one. Luckily, a player with his experience and skill set should easily find a new home. There’s still plenty of time before the new Valorant Champions Tour season, and many teams will be looking for replacements.

Although he’s no longer a part of TENSTAR, his hard work will not be forgotten. The CEO of TENSTAR, Tom Roderick, said the following:

We thank Russ for all of his hard work through our launch in 2021 and for our successes. Our main thoughts now are to freshen things up for next year, whilst maintaining a core of stability and I believe we have that. We have clear goals for 2022, and that is for TENSTAR to be at a Masters, and we are all committed to that.

Maybe other organisations will also recognize the hard work Russ put in TENSTAR and sign him in preparation for the next season. He’s very skilled with Skye and Sage, so he’ll be a great addition to any Valorant lineup.

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