S1mple is Back: The GOAT Joins Falcons

Published: Feb 23, 2024 - Last Updated: Mar 17, 2024

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is back from his break in a shock move, replacing Mohammad “BOROS” Malhamas on Falcons’ active roster.

Unforeseen Announcement and Community Meltdown

On the first day of EU RMR B, Falcons decided to drop a bombshell on X and announce the signing of s1mple, one of the best players CS:GO players of all time.

Everyone was shocked by the news, since the Ukrainian recently stated that he’ll hopefully be back in action after the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen.

However, with Falcons failing to make it out of EU RMR A, losing in devastating fashion to teams such as AMKAL and Eternal Fire, the Saudi organization decided to begin their rebuild instantaneously by acquiring the services of the GOAT.

Details of the Deal

There isn’t much public information about s1mple’s signing. What we do know is that NAVI loaned him out to Falcons for one month, during which they’ll be taking part in one tournament – the BLAST Spring Showdown.

The BLAST Spring Showdown is a 16-team online event from March 6th until March 10th, where the top two teams qualify for the BLAST Spring Final in London.

Presumably, if Falcons are happy with s1mple’s performance in the event, they’ll consider signing him on a full-time contract.

Image: ESL

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